Races and more Races!! GAAH!

So i decided that if I am going to keep myself motivated I need to sign up for races throughout the winter!  The reason why its soo important for me is because last winter I got incredibly depressed. it was very awful and I felt incredibly alone. Just Isolated from the world. I felt as if noone wanted to hang out with me or really even cared that I existed. It was a really awful time in my life.  To be honest..I don’t even want to relive that.

I have known for awhile that I am clinically depressed but I guess its something I never wanted to deal with.  It’s a hard thing to manage if I don’t workout i have come to find out.  I never really noticed it long ago because I was constantly getting into my happy place from dancing, running, crossfit..you name it!  So I have made the decision to be more active, which in turn will make me happier and then I can focus on other aspects of my life that are important to me. I hate feeling sad and not being able to get out of that  – its like you are locked in one position and there is no light at the end of the tunnel to get out of it.  Depression is a big deal and I never want myself to go down a rabbit hole that I can’t get myself out of.  I have learned that being proactive and healthy is the only way to manage that.

So I found this City Park Winter Series that has a race once a month until March 2015.  Ummmm….where do i sign up!? So of course I am signed up for all of the races (10Ks) that come in that package along with the Rock n Roll 10K, Pumpkin Pie 10K & will be signing up for the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Its alot..yes I am aware..but hey its fun! Also, winter is hard..it snows, its cold! So if I am signed up for something I know it will keep me going!

So what keeps you going during the winter?

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