Meal Planning Benefits

Meal you even know where to start?  Well first lets just talk about the benefits so you can understand WHY meal planning is such a great idea~

Saving Time and Money

You might not realize it, but you waste a lot of time standing in front of your fridge each afternoon deciding what to make for dinner; not to mention the money you waste running to the store four or five times a week to pick up last minute ingredients for the evening’s meal. By planning your meals in advance, you eliminate these time and money wasters.

Eliminating the Last Minute Stress

Everyone knows how stressful it is to make a last minute decision about a meal. You race home from work frantic and hungry, knowing you have just a short time to choose a dinner and get it cooked and on the table. If you have a meal plan, you can take care of things in advance and all that is left at the end of a long day are those last few things to cook.

Helping You Avoid Unhealthy Choices

How many times have you opted to take a whirl through the fast food drive-thru in lieu of preparing a healthy meal? Probably more times than you care to admit. Meal planning eliminates the need to rely on this unhealthy last minute option.

Answering the Nagging Question

“Mom, What’s for Dinner?”Create your meal plan on a weekly or monthly basis and post it for all to see. When you hear your favorite question, simply point to the board.

Making Shopping Easier

Finally, meal planning helps you stay organized when it comes to shopping for groceries. Plan ahead and pick up all the ingredients you need for the week or month during a single trip to the supermarket.


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