Paleo Easy Spinach & Egg Salad (21 Day Fix Approved)

So one of my favorite things to do each week is make a big ole salad and then have it on hand and scoop out what I need throughout the week! I LOVE doing that! I wanted to try something knew…something with Eggs and found this this salad is perfect! I am completely satisfied and just LOVE it! Yum!!




2 Green Containers of Spinach & Shredded Carrot Mix (note: you can premake a huge container of salad and just scoop out what you need from there)
2 Hard Boiled Eggs – Cut into Chunks (note: premake these on sunday for the week)
1 Half of Avocado – Cut into Chunks
Olive Oil
Red Wine Vinegar
Pepper & Salt
Mix All Ingredients together. The Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar is to taste. I used about 2 TSPs of EVOO and about 2 TBSP of the RWV.

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