Piyo and the NEW Me!

I decided to jump in and start Piyo today instead of waiting until Monday to start!  I took kind of a step back about 2 months ago and realized I am over doing it and constantly pushing myself that I have ended up being just mediocre in every area of my life.  Well that was not working for me so it was definitely time for a change.

I decided that I was going to take a step back and not over commit to things as clearly that wasn’t working for me! So then I thought..what could I do as a great cross trainer to Running since I have to have that be my main focus? Well that is how I came across Piyo..it is Yoga and Pilates based. It sounded PERFECT!

So I bought the program and started it TODAY! Woo! The first workout is Align: Fundamentals..actually a really great thing to do! Chalene goes though all the positions and explains what they need to look like, how you feel, being active in your body etc. It was awesome!

2015-09-30 06.07.28

Piyo uses elements from both of  Yoga and Pilates practices, but in ways you’ve likely not seen before, and then it blends them into a cardio and strengthening program for higher-energy workouts which makes me even more excited to get rolling on this program!!

So my goal will be do to a hybrid of Piyo and Running starting that portion next week. Below is the calendar I will be using to do so..

So please wish me luck…I will be blogging about my journey and then some! I am soo excited!  I will be sharing all about my food, thoughts, exercises and fitness tips as well! We are in this together and this is a lifestyle change! So let’s do this!

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