12 Nutritious Food Swaps That You Won’t Even Taste! Yum Yum Yum!!

OK I admit it…I love love love food..i mean who doesn’t?! but I wanted to talk about some healthier alternatives! As we get closer to the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and of course all the other holidays in between we can definitely get caught up in eating all the ‘bad for you’ foods! Well why not add a little healthy twist into your foods, feel a little better throughout the holidays!! Here are some tips on what foods you can substitute with:


1. Use prosciutto as a sub for any recipe that calls for bacon — yes, it’s better for you. – and prosciutto is soo good!!!

2. Add cottage cheese to your eggs instead of milk or cream for richness plus protein. – I haven’t tried this yet but I am excited to! I think it will be good!

3. Whipped cottage cheese also makes a perfect mayonnaise substitute for sandwiches. – you can also do avocado as a sub!

4. Buy 100% whole-wheat bread or Ezekial Bread (I would go with this) instead of white bread or honey wheat for more fiber and minerals.

5. Grease pans with olive oil instead of butter, however Grassfed butter IS good for you! That will be a whole other blog post so keep an eye out!

6. Use a banana mashed with whole-wheat flour instead of sugar, milk, and all-purpose flour to make pancakes and waffles more nutritious. – Banana mashed pancakes are delicious! try it! 🙂

7. Swap spaghetti squash noodles in for regular pasta noodles. – this is a great substitute – we do this in our house all the time!

8. Grate cauliflower into bits for the perfect rice substitute. – this is bomb! try making Fried Rice with this! Sooo good! download (2)

9. Eat sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. – you get more nutritional value in them! Tons of recipes out there!

10. Use Greek yogurt as a mix-in for chicken, egg or tuna salads – greek yogurt is a GREAT substitute for sour cream as well!

11. Substitute ground turkey for ground beef in casseroles, chilis, and sloppy joes! That is going to give you less calories and fat, although getting a grassfed beef is also a good route to go on!

12. Lastly, sub any leafy green for iceberg lettuce! Iceberg Lettuce has NO nutritional value to it, so add in kale, spinach, chard, romaine to your meal for more nutrition and a heartier meal!

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