Maple Buttercup Shakeology


I love finding new ways to drink my shakeology – and this..well it just sounds amazing!!!! Who is gonna try it with me?

Syrup isn’t just for pancakes and waffles any more. If you’re craving something sweet in the morning, just whip up this shake. It has a touch of maple syrup and gets extra creaminess from a scoop of peanut butter. This makes a wonderful morning treat, but it can also be a great snack for any other time of day.

Total Time: 10 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: None
Yield: 1 serving

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
1 Tbsp. all-natural peanut butter
1 tsp. pure maple syrup
1 cup ice

1. Place almond milk, Shakeology, peanut butter, maple syrup, and ice in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.



Found: Maple Buttercup Shakeology

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