Elimination Diet…wait what are you doing?

So let’s start from the beginning…ever since I was a young girl I have always had digestive problems of some sort. I never really knew why but came to just accept it as that is how my body was. I never really let it get to me much so it was kind of a backburner problem. One thing though..i also felt uncomfortable and bloated. It wasn’t a great feeling at all!

Once I got into High School, things change alot with me. I did stuff I was not proud of when it came to taking care of the ONE body I have. I abused it, starved it, and gave it lots of diet pills – this went into College as well. I really put a number on my body sadly. I was not loving towards ME at all because as my Mom and Idoctor would say ‘i have a skewed image of myself’ ….well that couldn’t have been MORE right!  I did have a skewed image of myself. I never thouht I was thin enough, never thought I was good enough. My weight went down quite a bit. I was about 120lbs leaving high school (I am 5′ 8″ with a medium build) – which looking at pictures of me back then…i looked soo thin. What was I thinking!? Needless to say I am sure this didn’t help my lovely gut problems! ha ha!

After leaving college and deciding to leave the acting world things started to change for me.  I met a pretty amazing man who was willing to fight this fight with me. I was soo wanting to not feel like how I have felt for years. But how do you do that? I knew that if I changed this disorder I had it would make a HUGE difference on my gut problems, not putting the stress on it like I was. I wont go to far into the details as that is going to have to be for another blog post.

As things got better with me mentally I did stat to notice that my stomach calmed down a bit. . . but it wasn’t enough. Was I just plain allergic to something? I was eating extremely healthy so what was it?! I started going to doctors to find out what to do next.  I went on to several different doctors that all gave me bogus information like; you aren’t eating enough fiber (this was plain untrue and when I said that they still had the fiber answer), you have IBS (IBS is a symptom from something not a cause. NEXT), just take some laxatives (HELLOOOO I don’t need to add more pills into my life Thank you!).  Since the doctors didn’t help me AT ALL i decided to start trying different diets out – low carb, no gluten, low sugar, paleo, primal. As I tried these different one I had found that eating Paleo REALLY worked for me! I was starting to feel a TON better!

So my hubby and I did paleo for about 2 years fairly strictly and I was feeling great – not 100% but a ton better than what I had ever felt before! I then decided that maybe it was time to go into a more homeopathic road and see a doctor like that.  I came across this Chiropractor – had no idea if it would help me but I was having other problems too and figured it was worth a shot.

I went in and he told me my spine was extremely suplexated which is why i have all these issues (I literally had a laundry list of issues – it was pretty sad!).  I decided this is going to be good for me, i will feel better, workouts will be better, no aches, no fatigue. I can do this. As I started going (and I still am) i realized how much my body was out of wack! it was insane! I started to feeling intensely better, I felt happier in general too. My gut problems started to go away even more! Hooray! What a victory!!! But …it was not a 100% fix. It definitely made the BIGGEST impact yet but it wasn’t enough for me. I knew that i could go farther so I had to!

I was talking to some nutritionists and they told me that I really need to get on an elimination diet…what the heck is that!? Well the elimination diet basically takes out all common allergy foods from your diet for 3 weeks, then you slowly add in one by one to see how it feels! It really is a genius  idea.  Plus…3 weeks ago i was really needing a good push to get back on diet and clean eating..so I figured. Why not!

So in the picture below is what foods you can and cannot eat for 3 weeks. ALL Allergy Foods basically.

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Click on Picture to go to Elimination Diet Information & Allowed Foods

What made me laugh about this is that I got alot of ‘well what on earth DO you eat?!’ Well you can actually eat alot..but if you want to do this it is best to really do your research on what foods you can eat. There are soo many vegetables out there in the world – so you wont go hungry that is for sure…but it wont be that pizza you have been craving so really you just need to get over that! I said get over it! and stop being a baby! haha!!  I am just about completed with this 3 weeks of Elimination and I am feeling absolutely fantastic! I have lost so far 14 lbs and counting! This is really all due to clean eating, Shakeology and staying on target! If you really want to get that weight gone then focusing on clean eating is the start! I am excited to start adding in foods as I go. So what my understanding is is that you add in an allergy food and give it about 3-4 days until you can add in another one. Unless the food doesn’t bother you then it should be fine to add one in sooner than that.

The diet itself is pretty easy to follow, if you plan to do it please contact me and we can go over stuff and really get you ready to get started! The first 2-4 days is the hardest…but that is OK! you are changing everything about your eating lifestyle so expect that and just expect it to not be a big deal. Don’t Dread doing this. The minute you put that in your mind you will regret it and end up failing. So KNOCK IT OFF! ha!

Another note to remember…dont act like you have to stop living your life while you are doing this program. You don’t have to stop! You don’t have to stay home and never leave just incase there are foods out there tempting you. My tip to you is tell everyone you are doing this! They WILL be supportive. And if they aren’t supportive…honestly…they don’t seem like the best of friends if you are doing something for YOU and your health! Have people to keep you accountable and to encourage you. It makes a world of a difference to you and what your goals are! If you have any questions or just need some support or want to learn more about the diet and shakeology email me!

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