Veggie Broth – Sunday Meal Prep


Sunday’s are for meal prepping and this Sunday it is for making homemade veggie broth! I love making it once a month instead of buying it from the grocery store. You can drink it by itself or add it to veggies and chicken. It is incredibly healthy and extremely nutrient dense! ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ…

This time I decided to add some of the essential oils I bought. I knew you could cook with them and since I didn’t have fresh rosemary or oregano to add I added a few drops into the broth. I think this may be my best one yet! Now time for the Broncos game!!  
Broth is so great for so many uses and you can freeze it! Woo! Plus it is extremely easy to make!!! 

All you need: 


Non Starchy Veggies

Garlic and any herbs you want

tomatos (not needed but a great add in)

Lettuce (spinach, kale, chard etc)


Throw it all in a pot and turn on high. Let boil for about 30 mins. Then strain out all the veggies and you can freeze it. 
You can also add in essential oils as well if you want! I added Rosemary and Oregano 


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