A Quick Post About Me!

I am sitting at my desk (currently freezing status) and realized….I haven’t really introduced ME! I have been blogging for kind of a short time and just started to get seriously into it so I figured I should tell you a little bit about who I am! 
My name is Natalie and I am originally from California now transplanted into Denver.

I went to school and got a Theatre degree and planned to be an actress, moved to LA from OC and actually ended up hating it. I was sickly thin, I was ‘never thin enough’, I was mentally all over the place and just plain old stressed out. I found it really wasn’t the place for me. I didn’t want to live life feeling unfullfilled, unhappy and dying early because I was so stressed out. Acting became UNFUN for me. So I stopped. I left and moved to Denver.

Denver was kind of a quick decision…but I was in dire need of change and well a job too!

I danced for about 16 years…not to be a professional but because I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed the stretching, the workouts and being surrounded by people that loved being active.  I got hurt really bad and ended up having to stop. It was ahuge bummer but it that is OK! So i kind of stopped working out all together. I guess i was ready for a break.

Coming to Colorado everyone here is very outdoorsy! My sister in law asked me about running..she is a runner. I had never really given running much thought so I decided..hey why not!

I started out with 5Ks, then built up to Half Marathons and really fell in love! it was a great workout regime for me! I recently took about a 2.5 month break from all exercise due to the Elimination Diet i was working on…digestive stuff! Fun! 🙂

I became a Health and Fitness Coaching in Jan 2015 and had no idea how much fun I would have and how I really love it. It keeps me sane and motivated!

I LOVE all things Disney and Pixar and love going to Disneyland!

I am a huge Sugar Skull fan so I have lots of decorations of them in my house.

I own a home in Denver! (Woot..so grown up!)

I love being outside. One day I will have my office outside in my backyard!

I love Wine..it is the one thing I will crave over anything else…including food and treats.

I have small feet for my height lol – i know so random.

I have lots of freckles on my face and I get more when outside in the sun

My most favorite weather is Sun Showers….so when it is beautiful and sunny out but also raining. it is soo amazing!

I LOVE animals and have a Greyhound that is retired from racing.

And many more! Now your turn! Tell me about you! What are 5 facts about you?

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