Happy New Year!!! Let’s Start Off Strong!

I decided that I am really gonna make some changes for this year! The last 3 months of 2015 I feel like I really slacked off. I didn’t workout much and my nutrition was very very bad. I guess I kind of fell into a rut. Well today that stops. 


NO MORE. I have made quite the resolutions list and I still have to work on some of the breakdowns of each goal! One of my goals is to do this virtual race ‘2016 Miles in 2016.’ 

My bestie and I are each doing it solo as a big challenge to us! Today I started off the challenge – I mean why not?! 

I did 2.6 miles – I really walked most of it but that is allowed! I realize I really put myself back by not staying consistent. But I am not gonna wallow in that. There is no time for me to do that!! Today is a new day so it is time to start! Anyone can make a change if that change is really means something. Why do you want to change?! Wrote that why down! Remember it and then go out there and crush your goal!! 

Today I went out with some crazy socks and started!!! Now it is your turn! Get up and get going!! You can do it!!! Challenge group starts on Monday – wanna be apart of it?! Well let’s do it! 

Let’s get at it!

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