#Never Miss A Monday

I am sure if you are social media and love fitness…you have seen the hashtag #nevermissamonday – well let’s just talk about that for a minute here…

We hear that hasimage1 (9)htag..but really – what does it mean? OK yeah don’t miss that workout on Monday! But WHY!?!?! Well let me tell you why! 🙂 Well……it sets the tone for the rest of your week. If you get in the workout and get in your clean eats for the day it really does make a difference for the rest of your week. You will be more inclined to stay on target for your goals than to just say ‘eh..’ so instead of having that big ole breakfast burrito on Monday morning..why not go for oatmeal, eggs, protein shake or something that is healthy, will give your body the necessary nutrition to deal with the Monday Morning Blues so that you wont feel sluggish and tired.

So if you still don’t believe me .. let me give you some reasons WHY not missing your Monday workout is essential on getting your week started off with a kick!.

1. You’re more likely to work out the rest of the week. HELLOOO….click the refresh button and make this week amaze-balls!

2. You’ll smile more. Case of the mondays no more my friends! Get those endorphins so you can be happy going into work!

3. You’ll reduce anxious thoughts. do you dread monday all weekend long? Doesn’t it just put a huge damper on the time you AREN’T at work??? Well working out can change that a TON. it lowers your anxiety! So when you do go into work, you are calm and ready to attack whatever it is you need to attack!

4. You’ll kickstart good self-control. This is a huge one for me. Once you have gotten in your workout and are meal prepped for the day you are less likely to get all crazy with crap food!

image2 (8)

So get out there and push yourself to get in 30 minutes of workouts, clean eating and some personal development to round out the day! You got this!

You CAN! I believe in you!

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