Hammer & Chisel Review – 1 1/5 Weeks In!

If you have been following me on Social Media you will see that I have been working on a new program Hammer & Chisel. I am a week and a half in so far and LOVING it!  I wanted to talk a bit about how it has been affecting me!

2016-01-19 13.25.50

So first off let me preface – I am also running on top of doing these workouts. (EEK!) I have a marathon June 5th that I am really actually anxious about! Not quite sure if I am mentally ready yet! lol You guys feel me right?

I started Hammer & Chisel a week and a half ago and absolutely LOVE it! It is hard but I have found that it really has helped me in my running. I feel stronger when i get out there!! Chisel Balance is one of the workouts that you do and I have to say it is awesome sauce!


I wanted to go by this program exact – nutrition and workout calendar – to get the most of out this program. I mean..the calendar is there for a reason..so follow it! and that nutrition program is amazing. If you have done 21 Day Fix before you will be familiar with the containers. They use the same containers..just a little different in the brackets and how many containers you use!

For me I had to list myself as ACTIVE when i did the calculator to figure out how many containers i was in. . .the reason being is that I am running 3-5 days a week. Next week will be ramped up because that is when my official Marathon Training Start

The best thing I can explain to you guys is to follow the nutrition to a T. It will make a huge difference in your workouts and your results. As Autumn says ‘abs are made in the kitchen!’ She couldn’t be MORE RIGHT!!!

Another thing I have been utilizing while doing this workout is Beachbody Performance Energize & Recover. They have been huge helps to me since I started on this journey! I am not as sore as I would be (THANK GOD!) and when I go on a longer run the Energize is there to really give me a pick me up!

I am so excited about this and can’t wait to keep going! I will be taking a rest day tomorrow (Thursday) and a run and then my weekend will start! Woo!!!!!


So what is up next!? Here is a look at what my Week 3 will be like..i am still working out my Meals but this is probably what it will end up being!! I worked pretty hard on created a Meal Plan with my Workout Schedule that would be easy to use and show me as I got down and completed with each container for the day! What do you guys think? What are your favorite meals to have throughout the week?


2-1-16 Meal Plan
Natalie’s Meal Plan for Week 3!

So I am definitel2016-01-19 13.46.37y feeling ready to get rolling on Week 3!! I really can’t wait to see how much my body will have changed by then!!

The workouts are very doable…you can modify to your hearts content so don’t worry if you think it will be too intense!! The beauty of it is that the program is 2 Months long..and you can do it over and over and over!!!

Now for those that are still unsure..21 Day FIMG_9346ix is a great lead in to Hammer & Chisel so we could definitely chat about what would work for you! 🙂 The most important thing is that you get the most out of what you are doing!

If you are interested in joining this amazing journey with me i would absolutely LOVE IT!!! Email me at natalie@nataliebellfitness.com and let’s chat!

Now go out there and get em! Be Strong, Be You, Be Happy!


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