Communication Skills….things we need in our life!

We live in the age of computers and social media…so really do we need to talk to people in person!? ha ha! YES…for our sanity..we need to TALK to person in real life. Not just through the internet. I know crazy right!?

In order to create a friendship…we need to connect with that person…well how do we do that? And what is Connection? Per Google…A Connection is: a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

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Ace waiting to Play..Needing Connection!

Why do we need connection in our lives? Well it helps us to be better people ….better parents, better lovers, helps us to impact people’s lives and also helps us to enrich our own life. Connection is what you need …THE MOST important thing you need in life. We are human and always have a longing to be connected to people and even animals! Without connection we can’t grow our careers, close a deal, talking to coworkers or even encourage them…we also can’t communicate very well.


Connecting with others and building a tribe of encouraging, supportive, passionate people is incredibly essential to an awesome life….and who doesn’t want an awesome life! I have found that sometimes we struggle with talking to people, we jump inside our shell and don’t want to get out. Are you that way? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Social Media…but I also think that it has pushed us away from actually connecting with people in person. We would much rather stay behind the computer these days. Well I shouldn’t generalize..but i do think it is a common notion in this world! download

After doing some research I realized there are certain things that are very important when trying to connect and communicate with others…so here are 8 ways to help you with that! Read them below and let’s hear what YOU have to say in the comments!

1. Pay attention

If you are with someone and they are talking…well LISTEN. DUH! haha seems easy doesn’t it? it really is easy….don’t start making laundry lists in your head while they are talking. It will be very obvious…stay connected by keeping eye contact with them (this will also help with your confidence level) When you don’t listen, it makes the other person feel like you don’t care. TRUST ME…I have had this before..and it sucks. and is VERY RUDE. So don’t do it! If you’re not sure about your listening skills, ask friends and family if they feel like you listen when you have conversations with them. Tell them to be honest with you…since this is an important quality.

2. Seek feedback

This goes along with asking your relatives and friends…we are human and always need hone in on your skills of listening and communicating with others. Join a group that helps with public speaking or something like that.  Find classes that help you understand how to delivery your message, what your body language tells you, and your pace. By learning about those 3 items….it can change everything! Perception is huge..and if you body language is telling a person that you have no interest…well guess what..that conversation will not last.

3. Ask questions

Have you ever been in a conversation where you are talking to someone and ask that person a question…they answer with one word and nothing goes from there? That is a rough one. It is hard. The more questions you ask the better….USUALLY people will want to know stuff that you ask them about you! ‘Where do you work?’ What do you drive? Where do you live? How did you and your spouse me? In every conversation, focus on getting to know the other person. (take the questions I just posed) People love to talk about themselves. Have you ever met someone and thought, “Wow, that person is awesome” and realized you hardly learned anything about him or her? Chances are, it’s because that person was focused on getting to know you — you were likely asked a lot of questions and spend a good amount of time happily talking about yourself which is no big deal….BUT ask that person the same questions! This helps you keep a conversation going..who knows where it could lead too! So be the person in the conversation who asks the questions. Allow others to open up to you and share about themselves.

4. Remember their name

We’ve all met people who say “I’m so bad with names.” That’s not a good way to start forming a connection – it comes off that youjust don’t care to remember….well do you? Do your best to remember the names of the people you meet. Repeat their name several times, associate it with something memorable or funny (in your head), introduce them to others so you need to state their name out loud — whatever you need to do to remember their name, do it! Remembering who you’re talking to is a key to making them feel important and connect with them.

5. Don’t pretend you know everything

In this article, Graham Young describes the difficulty people have with this concept. He writes, “When talking with others, we often want to show that we are educated and knowledgeable. It can be hard for some people to admit they are learning something new for the first time.” He describes how many leaders have a hard time taking advice because they feel they should know everything, and that employees try hard to prove themselves and not expose any of their personal weaknesses.This combination can cause communication breakdown because neither side acknowledges what the other side tells them. When this connection is dysfunctional, growth and progress are limited. Graham’s advice is to be aware of your ego and work on preventing it from controlling how you behave. Be willing to learn from others and take advice.

When you converse with others, don’t pretend you know everything about everything. It turns people off and decreases your ability to connect with them.

6. Care about others

Nothing else really matters if you don’t act like you care about those around you. Add value to their lives. Go out of your way to help them. Be encouraging, positive, uplifting, and supportive. Say thank you for small things and big things. Whether you send a text, call them, write a note, or give a gift, frequently thank others for helping you and for who they are in general. People love feeling appreciated and cared about.

7. See a room full of friends

When you enter a room, picture everyone there as friends to meet instead of strangers. This will decrease the intimidation factor. Plus, if you’re showing up at the same event or know some of the same people, you probably have something in common with them. Greet them as if they are friends.

8. Connect in person

In today’s world, you can definitely start connecting with others online, but nothing beats getting together in person. Get out from behind your desk and spend time with people at your favorite inspiring places. Connecting with people can greatly change your life and the lives of others.

My challenge for you today is to make an effort to connect with someone — then send me a note at and tell me how it went!!

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Who is in to do this challenge?


*Information from LifeHack

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