Why do I love Shakeology?


So on my health journey i have had alot of people ask me..why do i love shakeology so much??  What is so great about it when you compare it to other protein shakes? Well I totally get the questions because once upon a time I was the same way..why on earth are people all about a protein shake?? I don’t even like shakes! HAHA!

Well first of all….after my first 2 weeks of drinking it once a day i felt better, my hair looked shinier, my nails were stronger and that caffeine need was going away. I was starting to crave the nutrient dense Shakeo over coffee in the morning. WEIRD RIGHT!? Honestly..i never thought I would EVER in my ENTIRE life say that I was all about shakes! I mean..i love fitness and all but I just was never a shake girl. ha ha!

It really did change me…i started to notice that my workouts were better and I didn’t bonk when I ran IF i drank my shake before I went on a long run.  I just started to see benefits.  Then I thought..well what exactly IS shakeo. Am i drinking something that is healthy? I must know more…especially if I want to share this with the world.

First of all, there are more than 70 important ingredients that were selected from all around the globe for their potency and bioavailability (the ability to deliver the nutrients your body needs). WOOHOO! Lots of yummy goodness to make me feel better? Don’t mind if I do!

Shakeology aims to provide the body with essential elements that are often missing or simply lost in the average person’s diet. You will notice as you start to drink it too. It is amazing stuff!

So let’s talk about benefits…

What are the benefits?

Here are the key nutrient groups that the ingredients in Shakeology deliver and the benefits they provide…trust me you will be pretty amazed…well I was! 🙂

• Help repair and build lean muscle and heal wounds
• Reduce hunger and food cravings
• Help regulate blood sugar levels
• Support brain function, reduce anxiety and promote alertness

• Assist “friendly” bacteria and aid in digestion
• Increase absorption of minerals and nutrients
• Help regulate blood sugar levels
• Support brain function, reduce anxiety and
• Helps keep you “regular”

• Get rid of harmful free radicals
• Help decrease inflammation
• Help increase immune system function
• May increase longevity
• Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative

• Provide a wide range of essential nutrients
• Get all the necessary vitamins you need each day
• Make up your dietary deficiencies


If you wanCoffee_and_Shakeology....do_I_really_need_anything_more_Ha_ha___superfoodsforsuperpeople__myhashtagsareonpart to know more about Shakeology or are interested in joining my next Challenge group please contact me @ natalie@nataliebellfitness.com or APPLY TO FIT CHALLENGE






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