It is Valentine’s Day! 

So hubby and I decided to take a mini getaway down to Colorado Springs. Has anyone been there? 

We are staying at the Marriott which is nice but they are under construction. We got down here yesterday, picked up some booze and Oreos 

  And we just hung out and watched a ton of movies last night!!! Does anyone else like spending Valentines that way? 
So Sunday (today) we spent our day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Ummmmmmmmm I LOVED it!!!!!!! You can feed the giraffes there! Ha ha not sure if you guys know this but I love giraffes! They are my favorite animal!! 

    I love it!! The giraffes were so sweet and just wanted tons of lettuce 💜💕

They have such long tongues! Plus I got to pet them a little – interestingly they have kind of an oily feeling to their fur. I had no idea!   We also got to see 3 lion cubs and their Momma just hanging out! All in all this zoo was awesome! It was just Tanner and I and we loved it (plus they have beer and wine there! Bonus!!) we then went on to some Drinks and dinner. Nothing fancy but just perfect! 💜 

I have never been the girl to need a big expensive dinner. I love the adventures and trying out new things each year! 

So if you haven’t gone to this zoo definitely check it out. Most importantly – love yourself and love others. 💕💜

So I have to know!!!! What was your favorite valentines ever and why?!

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