Making Time For Fitness! Short Workout Ideas!

I am a fulltime working woman who has a fur child, hubby, owns a home and loves to take time for me! I also have friends and family that I want to be able to spend time with. Plus, to top that off our fertility journey takes up time as well! Who else can sit down and start making a huge list of all the things they need to do, be at, spend time with, etc.??

My and the Hubby after my Half Marathon and his Bike Race!
My and the Hubby after my Half Marathon and his Bike Race!
I can easily sit down and start writing down all the stuff I need and want to accomplish and it can get QUITE overwhelming. It is life…we are busy people!!

Now here is where we need to make a decision on all those things….what is the most important thing for you to get done in your day? Are you looking to be healthy? Are you looking to expand your Spirituality? What about eating healthy? What if I told you that if you did all those things you could get a lot more done in your day because of one simple fact…you will FEEL soo much more alive and inspired and motived! Plus, you will feel GOOD about yourself and body!

This is a No Brainer! #AMIRITE!?

So I want to talk about Fitness today with you all. Fitness is so important for our minds and bodies. It helps you feel better (releases endorphins) and it is great to stay in shape to keep yourself going so you can get everything you want done in life…well done! As we age our bodies tend to change and will start to break down. This is our only body so don’t you want to keep it going? We do this with our cars (maintenance, etc.) and we do this with our appliances, houses and the list goes why not our bodies?

Having a fitness regime that you can do each day for at least 30 mins is perfect! You don’t have to be at the gym for 2 hours. As long as you get in at least 30 mins of some form of exercise you are good! Now I am no expert (although I am working on educating myself to be one!) but I know for a fact that when I get in at least 30 mins a day…I feel so much better and am mentally prepared to SLAY THE DAY! BOOM!

A lot of my clients who are looking to lose weight usually don’t know where to start, it is completely understandable because there is soo much out there on different things you can do. I would like to share so ideas for YOU to do in your journey of getting healthy! These are quick and easy to do!

  1. Join Beachbody on Demand and stream workouts from your computer! There are over 1,000 workouts there!!! Plus, you can do them anywhere since you are streaming them! Easy Peasy! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  1. Join a Challenge Group with me and Complete an Entire Workout Program (I LOVE doing this because it helped me stay accountable and I got KILLER results, plus, most of the workout programs I do are only 30 mins long)\
  2. WODs! Or Workout of the Day! Here are 6 workouts – 1 for each day for you guys to do! Sunday is your rest day…cherish that day, stretch and drink LOTS of Water!!

Monday WOD Idea

Tuesday WOD Idea 

Wednesday WOD IdeaThursday WOD Idea

Friday WOD Idea

Saturday WOD Idea

When you start to put in the work you will start to see results! These WODs are here for you to get a start on doing something.  If you need more help the best thing to do is contact me and we can get you started on a great program that works for you and your lifestyle! Working out doesn’t need to take up your entire life! You can easily add that in everyday without it messing with your schedule too much. It is up to you on whether it is important enough for you to make the time!

You all got this! I believe in you!


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