Willpower Wednesday & My Current Status…

Today is a GREAT day because I am CHOOSING to make it a great day! It is up to us to make our days fabulous or sad. So what do you choose?


Eating // Finished Up Lunch – Buffalo Chicken Salad from Protein Bar because i forgot to grab my lunch out of the fridge this AM! Whoops!
Drinking // Water with Lime Essential Oil – talk about BOMB DOT COM!
Practicing // Self control.  My goals are important – getting in the best shape of my life is happening! I have been off for a couple weeks due to unforeseen reasons so now I am working on back up and figuring out a plan of attack! I got this!
Mastering // Positive Self Speak – I tend to bash myself.
Learning // How to live a more natural lifestyle! No more nasty products for this lady!
Trying // To figure out what I truly want in my life.
Watching // Vikings. Ummm who has seen this??? It is soo good!
Reading // Eat That Frog
Remembering // I am the ony in control of what happens to me…and what I become. It is up to me to go after my dreams.
Wearing // all black! Shocking I know! ha ha!
Working // Personal Development – time to help ME before I can help others!
Traveling // Next trip is on to Orange County for my friends baby shower! EEK!
Wanting // to start helping myself and learning what I truly want in life..then I can shower this onto others and help others!
Quoting // “This is the Part Where you find out who YOU are’

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