Recommitting to a Healthier Me

For the past 3 weeks i have really and totally dropped the ball on my health. First I got really sick, then I was out of town for a week (work related) then I had an funeral to go to…kind of all random stuff. BUT…they are excuses and I see that. I know you are probably reading like ‘Natalie, come on now! No Excuses!’

Well you couldn’t be MORE right. So I am laying it out on the line and letting you all know that I am HUMAN and haven’t been perfect 🙂

2015-11-28 11.01.10So here I stand recommitting to my followers, my friends and my family. Time to make a change for the better for me and start to be consistent. I think for my Consistency is a huge obstacle for me to overcome. Mainly because I get unmotivated and get ‘over it’ and just stop. Then I get mopey because I am not where I want to be and start to bash myself. It is not a great cycle.

Anyone else get that way?

I am gonna be totally blunt and honest with you guys because that is what I always ask for from you! So here I am … being bare. I am not happy with where I am, it is a daily struggle lately for me to find the motivation to do the things I really want. Also, I really have been struggling with finding/figuring out what I really want out of life. Honestly, I think that is why my motivation has been lacking hardcore. I guess I have been feeling kind of lost and trying to figure out what path I truly need to take for a better me.

I am sure I am not the only person that has felt this way which is why i wanted to talk about it.  Finding the motivation to keep going strong in your goals can be very hard. This is where Personal Development really comes into play..and lately I have not been doing personal development which is why so many other areas of my life have been really hurting. healthy-body-healthy-mind-happy-life

It is really important to focus on you, making YOU a better person everyday through reading, exercise, feeding your body what it needs and of course socializing! 🙂

So my goal going forward will be to do JUST that! I will be checking in with my fitfam here on this blog once a week and letting you know how I am doing with my workouts and with my nutrition along with getting my personal development in each day! It is soo very important to keep yourself accountable for the goals that you really want to achieve in life.Once of the reasons I have a challenge group on Facebook is for this very reason! We all need to be held accountable! (If you want to join or are interesting to learn more about that click here to apply)

Every Monday Morning I will be writing out my goals for the week along with what I will be doing for fitness and my meal plan. I will also share with you what book I am reading and how that is going.

I am committing to YOU to make a change for ME. Who else is ready to make a commitment to themselves and make that change for the better!

So time to get down to business!


Do you want to recommit and join me?


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