Sugar Addiction – Time to Get Real

Addiction is REAL. Many people struggle from all different types of addiction.  My personal addiction is anything salty but I know a popular addiction is sugar..people can’t live without their doughnuts and ice cream and brownies…and I am sure now you want one because I mentioned it! ha ha!

I have never had that type of craving because my cravings come in chip bags or right out of the fryer! Yum!! ha ha I wanted to talk about Sugar Addiction today and what it really does to your body and mind.

image-woman-sugar-addictionI love this picture! it made me laugh because it couldn’t be MORE true!!!

Eating a lot of sugar is not good for us…if we are trying to lose weight this will have the opposite affect on it. All it does is add empty calories and spikes the glucose levels in your body. Hence the sugar rush!

Added Sugar such as, sweeteners and refined sugars do absolutely NOTHING for your body unless you are looking to feel worse. . .then you are soo on the right track! Which I am sure noone is looking to feeling crappy about themselves. So what really IS refined sugar? Well it is sugar that has been depleted of all its nutrients and minerals. So basically…it is just a ‘nothing’ full of calories that you are eating.  (Click HERE for more info on Refined Sugar)

So at this point I am sure you are saying…’ok Natalie..i get it…lay off the refined sugar!’ Sugar Addiction is real…our bodies LOVE sweet stuff. They just do…and once you start eating/drinking stuff that isn’t natural and full of nutrients is where you get into some trouble!  There have been studies found that sugar is addictive just like drugs are addictive. YIKES (as my mom would say! :))

We have to be careful and mindful of what we are putting into our bodies.  This is our ONE bodies we have. That is it..there are no re-dos, no getting a new one. This is it for us…don’t you want to treat that body perfectly and with love?

I am not saying that if you eat one cupcake you are basically eating a bunch of cocaine..but what i am saying is that we have to be very careful on how much of this refined sugar.  There is a huge impact on our brain center when we eat sugar. When we eat that sugar a massive amount of dopamine is released in our brain. When we start to eat sugar consistantly the receptors for the dopamine become less and less.

So what does this mean?

This means that as we keep eating the ‘crap’ then we will need more and more to fuel that feeling of happiness that we originally got when we started eating the food. Does that make sense? Sugar and other junk foods, due to their powerful effect on the reward centers of the brain, function similarly to drugs of abuse like cocaine and nicotine – Check out THIS article for more information about that.

So eventually you can really lose control of HOW MUCH you are eating if you go down that road. Which can cause a load of issues to your body! No Bueno! 🙁


We want that Reward Center nice and Red!



It is time to take back our bodies and be in control! Addiction is REAL..and many people have it to different things…junk food, sugar, drugs, alcohol, non-food related things, etc.

I used to be addicted to my scale. I would weigh myself about 3-4 times a day hoping to see a different number. Food was my enemy and i barely ate. It had a very powerful affect on my mood and my body not to mention MY MIND. Let’s take some action and start to see our beautiful selves as just that. BEAUTIFUL.

So when you are cr2016-02-02 15.38.25aving that sugar opt for an apple, berries or even a banana. Go for the nutrient dense foods that are sweet over candy, sodas and junk food! I will be doing the same with you guys because for me JUNK FOOD is my ‘addiction’

You guys got this! I believe in you! If you need help with them…message me and let’s chat and work together to find your Happy!

Want more info? Check out this Article

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