Willpower Wednesday!! Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!! Can anyone else other than me believe that it is already March!? I am just in shock still! lol

It is Willpower Wednesday so let’s do this!

Eating // Nothing Yet! I only eat when my body starts to feel hungry.
Drinking // COFFEE!!! Everyone morning i really do have to have at least 1 cup of coffee. (Anyone else feeling that way?)
Practicing // The Art of Paleo – hubby and I used to do it strictly for 2 years…time to get back to it! Who else loves Paleo?
Mastering // Positive Self Speak – I tend to bash myself. (this one is from last week but I think that it is still relevant.)
Learning // Last week I was working on a natural lifestyle…this is still where I am. I have been doing more research on products and what I should and shouldn’t have in my house.
Trying // To be more consistent with my personal development. That is not something I can just let go by and not do!
Watching // Nothing. Except my computer screen! Time to get to work! 🙂
Reading // Eat That Frog
Remembering // If I want to get to my goals I need to put in the work
Wearing // Leggings..i LOVE leggings! Who feels me on that?
Working // On personal development…this is an area that I have struggled.
Traveling // OC! This weekend! So excited!
Wanting //  I am wanting to get back into the swing of things! I feel like I have been off due to travel and other random events!
Quoting // “This is the Part Where you find out who YOU are’

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