Living a Natural Life

So lately these days have been filled with people I know getting cancer. It has been really eye opening for me and has pushed me more into the ‘granola’ world! ha ha! I say that to be funny because my family is telling me I am turning into one! 🙂

It all started when I got more into nutrition, funny enough, because I started really looking at WHAT I was eating and what was in my food. I was constantly looking at ingredients..what am I really putting in my body.  Knowing what is going in your body is a huge part of being healthy. You can’t go by labels as they can be very deceiving…’low fat’ ‘high in fiber’ etc…look at the ingredients. Just look. You will find stuff you can’t even understand!

I have been learning so much in my journey to become healthier and live a more natural life with the products i use on an everyday basis. This is also how I got into using Essential Oils. Have you ever used Essential Oils before? I am LOVING them!!IMG_5941

Think about it…what we eat is important because it helps our bodies to function…BUT there are more ways than just that for our bodies to ingest stuff such as, lotions, scents, household cleaners, cosmetics, etc. All kinds of things in our daily life that we are smelling and putting on our bodies. All that stuff still goes inside our bodies! We absorb it all…just think about that for a second. To be honest when I started to think about it I realized…no wonder we have all these crazy diseases in our world…we are absorbing and ingesting CRAP! Then I got completely grossed out and seriously wanted to hide from the world! ha ha ha!

I also realized…there are so many women having major reproductive issues and that is a big cause from it all..which makes sense. (I still have to do more research on this but it does make sense…you know?)

So moving on I wanted to talk to you guys about how to steer more into natural living.  It really isn’t that hard…it is more about doing research. It is up to us, the consumer, to do our research on the products, foods and other stuff that we use on a daily basis. It is no one else’s job to that except you. So get up and let’s do that!

Research is something I absolutely LOVE to if it isn’t your cup of tea that is totally OK! I am here for you! 🙂 If you need the help it is always great to ask for it.

naturaltherapiesSo what is Living a Natural Lifestyle?

So I would have to say that most people have a different take on natural living.  My take is this: reducing toxic chemicals out of our daily products and foods that we eat.

Now I believe truly that you could really make this lifestyle change a very difficult one..but with any change it can go down that way. So remember to relax, take a breath and know that it will all be OK!

The most important thing is to realize you really need to take one step at a time while you are making large changes.  If you try to do everything at once…it usually wont stick and then you will get frustrated and THEN you will give up. So don’t do that!

So to share that..let me give you some tips on how to start making changes. Chemicals are everywhere these days…my opinion is because it is cheaper to make synthetic crap over having natural healthy products. So reducing the toxic load is important…and with that here are some tips I want to share with you!

  1. Cook Homemade..head to the store and shop on the perimeter of the grocery store.  So you want to think about veggies, fruits and grass fed beef, organic chicken etc.  
  2. Use Essential Oils – I started using essential oils just recently and have completely fallen in love with them. They can help clean your house, clean your body, help with different issues going on with you and so on. 
  3. Do It Yourself – There are soo many things that we can make our own. You just have to do the research – make your own laundry detergent, body wash, lotions, face wash, dishing liquid, etc. Plus – you can use those essential oils too! It also can help with cost too…making your own stuff can be very cost effective. I will be posting some recipes for you guys as well!
  4. Reduce Waste – this is a really interesting topic that I just starting getting into. Not only living naturally in your personal home but helping the environment. Check out for more information on this.
  5. Grow Your Food – Now I know that not all people can do this but if you can definitely start looking into it and start that up!  Even if it is a few herbs in your kitchen that is a great start and also helps with reducing cost.
  6. Self Care – It is important to take care of your self. By already taking the steps above it will help in not getting sick, essential oils, whole foods, healthy products.  So think about how not using unhealthy products can make a huge impact on your body.
  7. Move that Tush of Yours! Get into a fitness challenge, take a walk, yoga, cycle, anything! This will be great for you especially when you get older. If you need help with that..please contact me and I would be happy to help!


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