Willpower Wednesday – My thoughts for the day!

Happy Wednesday Y’all!! Ha ha I just laughed out loud when I typed that! I don’t ever say ‘y’all!’ Anywho…the past couple week shave been kind of rough as my allergies have been CRAZY!

I just can’t even deal with it…Last night I could barely breathe when I was trying to sleep. It was awful!


Eating // Just finished some Chicken Chili – it was good but with how bad my allergies are right now..it was hard to eat.
Drinking // Green Tea with Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon & Lavender Oil to help with my allergies.
Practicing // Paleo..working on getting back to it 100%. It does take some time!
Mastering // I have been really working on getting our house into more natural living. so lots and lots of research!!
Learning // i am really learning on what my passions are..what I need in my life…and what I need to let go of.
Trying // not to sneeze anymore! Is anyone else getting major allergies?? Or is this just me?
Watching // Nothing. Except my computer screen! I can’t wait to throw on some netflix…currently loving Hart of Dixie..have you seen that show?
Reading // Eat That Frog
Remembering // If I want to get to my goals I need to put in the work
Wearing // a dress…i totally thought if I dressed up i would feel better…but alas my theory didn’t pan out! ha ha ha!
Working // my diet..since I can’t workout right now I need to really stay on my nutrition right now.
Traveling // I will be going to Chicago for my birthday! Who has been there?
Wanting //  I am REALLY want to not have any more allergy problems! I am so ready to get back to my life!
Quoting // “They say that love is forever – Your forever is all that I need”

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