Study! Study! Study!

The last about 6 weeks or so have been mainly me just studying my booty off! It has been over 10 years since I was in school so I feel like I have no life! Trying to mentally get in the swing of things is harder than I thought 😂 

As I sit here though – reading through my book on the Human Movement system I realize that I have been pushing to create my dream. I have been motivating myself to get shit done and make things happen!

This class is to help me get certified as a Personal Training so I can beef up my background for health and fitness coaching! I am actually learning a lot and now will be able to help people even more!! 
So I may not have a life for awhile but in the end it is worth it because I will be doing what I truly want to do in life. I want to build my company in health and fitness coaching by helping others and building a team of amazing motivated people! I want to be able to have my business growing daily so that I can have the ability to travel more and love outside the United States. 

So as this pic says – one step at a time and for now I will get back to reading and writing out notes so that I can build up my dreams and passions! 
Remember to take time for you and always love yourself as well as be true to who you are. You can do anything and be anything if you only just believe. It will be hard work but nothing in life is easy. So get out there and find what motivates you! If it is helping others then let’s chat! 

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