My Next Steps with Adrenal Fatigue

So now that I have come to realize what I am faced with, it is now time to go out and fix the issue! 😍

It is crazy to think how all these random problems I have been dealing with all stem from the same thing! Who really would have thought. I also had no idea it was tied to fertility! So one step closer in getting pregnant 👶🏽

So as I sit here I am thinking about all the things I need to start changing in my life to help myself. Then I started think…wait how will my fitness be affected??? Then I got a little freaked out! 😳😳😳

But in all actuality…my fitness HAS been affected because of this fatigue! So really nothing is changing 😂

So here is what I found….


So I have been reading a lot of different opinions on what to do with exercise, how much, what type, etc.  The one common denominator in that is to really focus on your body and if you feel like you are getting fatigued to scale it back. Honestly, it would be so much easier if someone just told me ‘do this!” hahaha! Amirite??

The biggest thing here is you don’t want to go too high intensity if your adrenals are super fatigued. If it is a mild are probably going to be OK. So just be mindful of that. Maybe scale back the high intensity with yoga, weight training  or something like that.

Also what I have read is that heavier exercise is recommended in the morning or early afternoon when cortisol is higher, and lighter exercise, such as walking or gentle stretching such as  yoga is better in the evening. So on that note..

My plan for Exercise:

  • Piyo
  • Run once a week (This will be considered a more intense workout during the process)
  • Cycle once a week
  • Walk to and from work (30 Mins Each Way)
  • Ab workouts2016-05-16 14.41.12
  • Walk Our Dogs Everyday (15-20 Min Walk Usually)
  • Possibly thrown in one intense workout IF I am feeling up to it.

I am on Week 3 of Piyo program and since Yoga/Pilates is something that is very much encourage it really is perfect timing. I really didn’t want to quit doing that program because lately I have been doing that alot. I start a program and then quit…i found out it stems from my Fatigue though. I was get soo overly tired and then couldn’t do anymore and just stop. Then that would spin me into a depression cycle feeling like I couldn’t ‘finish’ anything. No bueno! Luckily I have a new Fitness Challenge Group starting in June so that will keep me nice and accountable!



So food seems to be a BIG key in helping out your adrenals. I mean BIG. is soo important to your body so it isn’t a big surprise that it would come in place here! 🙂 When you have poor nutrition it really affects all areas of your life, it encourages stres

Photo Jun 02, 11 00 16
Lunch Today Was BOMB! ChimiChurri Chicken Salad

s, overeating that leads to obesity, chronic diseases, moodiness, sleeplessness etc. It is amazing what you consume can have that BIG of an effect on your life! Right??? So..from my findings they encourage a protein rich, veggie and fruit full diet. So basically they encourage Paleo. Also not to do any type of fasting or waiting forever to eat.


The reason for the ‘do not fast’ is because of your cortisol levels. When we go for long periods without food, our adrenal glands work hard to release more cortisol and adrenaline, to

try to maintain the body’s normal functioning. We don’t need our adrenals working overtime when we are trying to repair if you have this and are doing that. knock  it off! 🙂

So things I need to stay away from will be processed foods & stimulants (caffeine, alcohol and smoking) and things I need to make sure I eat in my diet are lean proteins, whole foods such as veggies and fruits. All i have to say is ‘WAIT NO COFFEE OR WINE!?’ hahaha! You seriously have no idea. I am kind of nervous about cutting out Coffee, the alcohol will be hard because I am a social drinker! Just need to learn a new habit!

With that said I will be fSuperfood_Wednesday___Feeling_better_already__What_is_your_favorite_meal_of_the_dayocusing my diet on the Paleo program. I used to do Paleo strictly for about 2 years and LOVED it.

Then I fell off the wagon, got overly stressed out and well ‘Sh*t hit the fan’ if you know what I mean! So back to paleo I go so I can feel amazing again and also drinking my daily Shakeology as well!



OK this one is tricky for me…have you guys ever meditated before? Well i have NEVER done…yeah…ha ha ha! I honestly didn’t even know where to start on this guy. So right now I am just working on researching what to do! I found a great website actually that gives us some clues though:

It is basically a beginners guide to meditating and really useful. So it says to start by just sitting in one spot, doing nothing, for 2 minutes. I also need to do this first thing in the morning. It goes into alot of details so that is the very very very shortened version. Check out the link and read all about Meditating!

Supplements & Sleep

Now for me my doctor had me go on some Adrenal Supplements (Lots of B Vitamins in this puppy). I have actually already noticed a HUGE difference in how I feel so I would definitely recommend picking some up.

Sleep…GET SOME! 🙂 Get At least those 8 hours of sleep. Or more if you are feeling generous of course! It is so important in general to get rest. Your body will thank you!

So that is my plan friends! I am really encouraged now that i feel armed with knowledge about this Adrenal Fatigue…and know that I need to take a step back and focus on me is OK. I need it. My body apparently has been screaming at me. SO now it is time to listen.


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