Onwards in the Clomid and Ovaries Journey…

I have been kind of quiet lately with my fertility journey mainly because I really didn’t have much to talk about. I know…shocking right?

So let me give you some updates on where I am now and why I have been pretty quiet about it all.  We decided to take a step back and just focus on us and work on reducing our stress. As i found out with the adrenal fatigue is that stress is really messing with my body and that stress is a huge cause of us getting pregnant. Along with the fact that I have 1 working fallopian tube.

So here is where I am now…this round I took Clomid. It was the second time I did it and it is pretty simple. You take pills Days 1 through 5 of your cycle then use ovulation sticks and well..I think we all know the rest! ha ha! There are side effects but luckily I didn’t get the crazy part of them, since Clomid is a ‘super ovulation’ tool your hormones kind of go crazy…so that means you could have some terrible thoughts. It doesn’t last forever but it does suck! Also, from what I experienced I got PMS symptoms that were extra ‘wonderful’

Yesterday I had to go into see the doc and have her do an ultra sound.  The reason for this is to check and make sure there are no cysts or anything. Basically making sure I am doing OK and to see if I am good to take one more round. Which this was time sensitive as I get my period this weekend and if I actually get it I will need to take the pills soon after.  The reason why it is time sensitive is because I never know what side I ovulate on and since I have one good tube working we need to do the rounds in a row. Make Sense?

So I get into the Ultra Sound room and it is my FAVORITE Ultra Sound lady! She is just the sweetest and love the things she says! So i already got excited!! I sit down and get ready to be poked. By the way..that thing they have to stick up you is FREAKING COLD!! SO if you ever do it..prepare for that one! AND I am thinking…damn girl by me a drink first.

Well as she was looking at my ovaries, tubes and all that good stuff she said it looked REALLY good! My lining was thick (which is good) and she said I had follicles on each side that look like they were ruptured (again this is good). I said to her…wait does that mean I ovulated on BOTH sides? She said yup which means there is a possibility of twins. Sweet … one and done right? haha! BUT because I have one working tube that most likely wont happen…but it would make it easier! Am I right?? lol

So basically I am not in the waiting game…hoping this is THE ROUND to make it happen. If not..one more round of Clomid and then off to a fertility specialist. This hasn’t been an easy journey. It is tough, especially when you see friends around you getting pregnant so easily. It is hard to hear the dreaded ‘oh yeah I got pregnant the first time we tried’. It is hard to let it go and know that IT IS OK. For my lovely ladies who did get pregnant right away, do not feel guilty for me saying this. it is amazing and a HUGE blessing you have been given that kind of gift. Know that.

Us ladies who are struggling – my best piece of advice? Know that we ALL have struggles. This one is ours. This one is a beautiful journey. It may not seem like it now..but think about all that you have learned about yourself.  Don’t get angry on someone else’s success. We all have our own paths which is what makes life so amazing. Let’s learn from each other, love each other and above all help each other.

4 Comments on “Onwards in the Clomid and Ovaries Journey…

  1. That thing IS cold isn’t it? Still thinking of you all. Clomid has been around a while and is tried and true. Wishing you health and babies!!!

  2. My heart is with you. I went through basically the same thing and also the gonadotropin shots. You will have a beautiful baby (or two) and you won’t even remember all the stuff you went through to get there. Love you my sweet friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you Tracey!! I am hoping this part of the journey is close to a close! Glad you were able to have one!!

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