Airport Food

As we all know there is a ton of airport food but most of it is terrible for you. Right? 😳

There are tons of foods that are processed and just out right nasty yet we tend to have the mindset of ‘well I am on vacation so it doesn’t count’ I am definitely one who does that!!! Anyone else?! I can’t be the only one haha! 

If you really are wanting to achieve goals the staying on track as best as you can is what you need to do. You aren’t missing out on anything by choosing a meal that is healthier. Food is fuel! Remember that! It is there to help your body thrive and do its best! 💜 so treat it well! We only get one ! 

Today I am at the airport right now – DIA – actually and I decided to not get the eggs Benedict and to go for a healthier option! Btw this was a TON of food! I could not eat it all! Ha ha 

I do not feel like I missed out in fact this meal was really delcious and my body is thanking me for not putting anything heavy, salty and processed in it! Especially since I will be sitting in a tube for the next couple hours! Ha ha ha ain’t nobody got time for that! 

I want to encourage you guys that next time you are at the airport think about this post and opt for the healthier option! Your body will thank you! 
Happy Friday! 

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