Wow! A journey it has been….

The last 4 and a half years have been quite the journey in regards to our fertility. We have gone through so many ups and downs, twist and turns. It really has been a roller coaster!

Anyone in my position knows exactly what I mean by that too! So let’s recap on the last couple of months…I decided to make some major changes actually to help with this fertility journey we have been on. I completely stopped working out hardcore, instead I did Piyo some days and made sure I was walking everyday.


I also found out about Adrenal Fatigue (CLICK HERE) and I decided that I needed to really focus on getting that cleared up because I think there was a relation to that and me getting pregnant along with some other issues I was having. So with that, I started on some vitamins that the Chiropractor recommended I take! They were called Adrenal and Stress Vitamins and had tons of B vitamins in there along with some other good stuff. After a week of taking the vitamins I really noticed a difference in how I felt. A month later my numbers were incredibly better! So i know I made the right choice to scale back everything I was doing. Not just exercise but also my school for NASM, Beachbody Coaching also. I decided that if I really wanted to be healthy I needed to just stop everything and focus. Well it totally worked!

The second month we decided to keep going on the vitamins to get me to the correct levels since I wasn’t quite there yet. I realize in that month though that I have been putting way to much stress on myself, adding to much to my plate and ultimately feeling like a failure because of it. Taking that time off really helped me learn alot and how I work and what I need to do for myself to keep myself together.

So now we are in the second month of vitamins and I decided to go ahead and try the Clomid again. (This will be our second round of it) – I had some symptoms from it but it wasn’t too bad. The first time I used Clomid I had absolutely no symptoms which was great because I have heard that some women feel crazy when they take it because it is ‘super ovulation’ type pill. Naturally I was a little worried how I would feel the second round because I have heard through the fertility grape vine that the second or third round can give you symptoms! EEK!

Well I decided to just go with it and take the Clomid and see how it went. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad! I got some symptoms but it wasn’t anything to write home about. In fact…I don’t really remember them now! Now for the those that DO get the symptoms my recommendation is before you even take these pills is to let your family know. Keep them updated so they can be more sensitive in regards to how you are feeling. It will make a world of difference.

So moving on…here is the fun part! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked! it really really worked! haha! Yes if you are on facebook you would know this by now! lol OK I am serious I didn’t believe it at first. I thought ‘nah this is a joke!’ So let me tell you why I thought it was a joke! So the friday I was supposed to get my period I was flying out to Missouri to hang out with my sister in law and family. Well I didn’t get my period. . I thought ‘oh maybe I am pregnant! or ‘my period is never late so this better not be a joke!’ Well that entire weekend nothing came. It was strange. Yes I did take several tests and nothing. zilch. zero. I started to get worried…like is this going to be a cruel joke? Is my period going to be 5 days late and then I get it? I tried to settle my thoughts and having family around to ‘talk me down’ helped a ton. Hillary and I prayed and I hoped for the best.

Come Tuesday and I decide…ok nothing has happened..let me just go in and take a test. It was early morning, Tanner was just hopping in the shower and there I was…sitting on the toilet wondering if this is the day our life is going to change.

So there I went doing my duty with the test in hopes and well…I was scared too! As I was staring at this test all of a sudden I see it! The second line I have been longing for for 4 YEARS. 4 Stinkin Years of you know how many tests I have used in 4 years? lol! So there I was sitting in the bathroom staring at this test. I thought to myself..holy crap…I am pregnant? Wait I am freakin pregnant!? I immediately start laughing and just giggling to myself as I figure out what I will say to Tanner. (who by the way is still showering at this point)


I leave the bathroom and head into the shower area where Tanner is and I am just laughing and laughing. He looks at me starting to laughing too and is like ‘are you ok?’ haha! I was like ‘well I took this test and it says I am pregnant!”

That is when the laughter got even bigger and then into crying and then into laughing as both of us stood there completely naked, hugging each other and being extremely vulnerable with each other. This was the moment we have been waiting for for so long..and now it is here!  It was probably the most special amazing moment I have ever had.

I just want to tell everyone who has followed us on this journey, THANK YOU! Thank you for praying, for crying with me, for listening, for talking for everything. You all are amazing and I hope you all follow me through the craziness of pregnancy and more!

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