To Stay at Home or Not…a Tough Question

The other day was kind of an overwhelming day for me. All these things I need to do before the babe arrives flooded at me. (No bueno!) When we were trying for a baby I didn’t really consider any of the checklists I would need to look at during my pregnancy or whether I would decide to quit my job or not. All things that are needed to do but I guess you just don’t think about that stuff until it actually is happening. Does that make sense? Or is this just me? haha!

So the big question I had with my husband yesterday was ‘do I want to stay home or do I want to go back to work?’ Well they are both great choices!! Which makes it even more difficult! haha

I have really thought about both and I am still at a loss. The biggest thing that comes down to it is money. Can we financially afford for me to stay home and maybe do a work from home gig, focus primarily on my blog, etc. Something to note about me is money stresses me out. I am much more comfortable when I know we have a pillow of money to fall back on. I did the barely making ends meet, washing my clothes in the tub because I couldn’t afford detergent or to go to the laundromat thing and to be honest…I am over it. REALLY OVER IT. It sucks feeling like you can barely survive. That is why I left that life and pushed and pushed for more. I think that will be another blog post though! haha!

I have such an entrepreneur mindset that working for someone is actually difficult for me. I want to do what I want, on my time and not have someone pay me for my time.  So if I were to quit my current job the one thing that could be tricky is that we would be giving up a large salary. Do I want the burden of income on my husband solely for a bit until whatever I decide to do gets up and running? To me..that is a big burden. That is alot of expectation and hope that you are doing a great job so you don’t get fired. There would, however be less expenses in regards to our child (Daycare=$$$$$$$$$$$) so that is a plus?

I know that some mothers-to-be just know automatically what they want to do…well I am not that woman. BY ANY STRETCH. I tend to waffle, actually I waffle a lot. I over-analyze my ideas until I convince myself they aren’t a good idea – I am actually really talented at it! Woo! Go Me!  It is not my favorite quality about myself and something I am working on changing. I need to just make a decision and stick with it! Anyone else do that? Or am I a lone wolf over here? haha! So there in lies the question …do I stay home or do I go back to work? I think both will be difficult no matter how you slice it. There are obstacles on both ends along with huge benefits and I am just unsure which one I would prefer when it really comes down to it!

I haven’t quite figured out my position on this yet but my current thought is it would be really lovely to stay home. I would love to hear your thoughts. What did you do? Did you struggle with this idea? Was it a no brainer? Was it more a money issue than a personal decision? Maybe your experiences will help me on deciding my choice!


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  1. Love your blog! So the questions are to work or not to work? I was lucky enough to be a stayed home Mom when i was pregnant and when Alana was born too. I was 40! 😱.
    You can see my frustrations for staying home until Alana was ready for preschool. I rushed her to get diapers trained as soon as she hits two! It didn’t go very well until she was about a month before her third birthday came. On September 13, 2005.. She was out the door to Light of Christ Preschool and I also got my first Teacher’s aide job in Newport Christ of Light Preschool. tada!!
    Deciding to a stayed home Mom was easy for me, cause my older daughter Stephanie was in Elementary school at the time and boy was I busy! Did I mentioned we also have a puppy a year before Alana was born in 2002? Yes , we sure did! We did saved the day care money for the time being, luckily.. My husband made enough money so that I could stayed home and be a wife, a nanny, a cook, and a Mom. Frustration will always be there, but I’m glad I had four wonderful years of being a Mom and making so many memories and pictures and places we’ve gone together as a family . It was very rewarding at the end. I still miss it daily when they were little. I’ve pictures to look back to and glad that I stayed home for them. Prayers for your next journey to be as wonderful as you wanted to be.

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