Stress of Pregnancy and Money

The excitement of being preggers is still in the air of course…but I have been having this underlying stress about ‘how are we going to pay for this and still live!?’ I am sure you saw that in my previous post about staying home or being a working mom (Click Here for Article) Does anyone else feel that way? I know for me money in general is a big stress point. I think the reason being is I always feel better if I have a hoard of money so then  I know we will always be OK.

Now I know we all hear the ‘don’t worry about it!’ ‘just relax’ ‘calm down it will be OK’ … ok well that is fine and dandy but when you are in the thick of it that doesn’t really help! Maybe a massage and a cocktail would BUT we can’t quite do the cocktail part now can we? lol It can be a never ending cycle of ‘eek what if we don’t have enough money’ but ‘I need to calm down and not stress for the baby’ right back to ‘but what if we are BROKE!”. It can be frustrating and very hard to manage! The husband keeps telling me that we will figure it out because every couple does and that we need to just work on it and not have a freak out. Which I couldn’t agree more with but when your hormone are going 80 miles an hour it makes it a teensy bit tougher. I want to make sure we are OK, that we can still travel and not feel like we are scraping by. So how do I do that? Well sitting around thinking about worst possible scenarios may not be the BEST way to combat that. So basically I need to just knock it off. And anyone who is doing it needs to knock that off too! You are only making it worse on yourself! You know how I roll – I am not shy to tell myself or anyone else to knock anything off! haha! Sometimes we need a swift kick in the rear to get ourselves going again!september_03__2016_at_0425pm_-_natalie_bell_-_what_would_your_face_look_like_if_there_was_another_bell_coming_into_the_world__april2017bellbaby__cletusthefetus

So how do I move forward from this? One thing I am realizing is I need a plan of action and I need to stay focused on that. So start that budget (if you haven’t), start adding a few more dollars to your debt & savings. Having a plan of action can really help the stress level and my reasoning for it is you wont have that ‘out of control’ feeling if you have a plan in place. I definitely know that it wont take away all your pain but it will definitely take a good amount.  My biggest stressor is this daycare business. . I am thinking at this point I will be going back to work. I don’t think I really have the option to do otherwise and that is fine with me as I was saying before both ideas sounded great to me. The question is…how do you pay for fulltime Daycare without going broke?

The budget…do you have one? Trust me it will help a ton if you don’t…KNOW where your money is going. KNOW where you need to make changes and then MAKE the change! If you don’t know how to make a budget…use google to do some research. Also, do not take just one website’s advice…search and get multiple answers. This is a really good start…also if daycare is what is stressing you out like it is for me…call multiple ones. Get lots of quotes so you can make an educated decision on what you need to do. Once you know the cost and it is set you can go from there because at that point that cost will be an automatic just like your mortgage or rent. (ha more like it is a mortgage or rent payment! Be still my heart people)

Talk with your spouse about the stress you are feeling. This is REALLY important. Talking about how we feel isn’t something that normally happens these days. I feel a lot of us hide our feelings. This doesn’t help anyone! So let’s make that change. Talk to your spouse because he/she may have some great ideas already rolling around and if they don’t..well then it is time for you guys to make changes together as a couple. Plus talking to each other before baby comes will make a huge difference between you two in general.

What ways are you helping combat stress while being pregnant? Especially when it comes to money? What are you doing? I would love to hear your story!

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  1. Even as a guy, I can totally relate to the stress of “how can we afford a child, much less the three that we are planning on having?!” Well, it just sort of happens, really! Despite the budget and cost of diapers and college, it somehow just works. Faith and prayer really help as well. So, now that I’m 64, have three wonderful grown children (34, 32 & 27 years old & 2 grandkids), I breathe a sigh of relief and say to my wife, “job well done!!!” Now I can worry that we have enough money to live a wonderful retired life, into the early 100’s.
    Let me know how it works out!!!

    • I can totally understand that and it is so awesome to hear that it does workout! I guess I am not quite in the mindset that it will! Hahaha! I do think I need to do I don’t stress about it! Faith and Prayer really does do wonders so I need to put focus on that! Congrats on 2 grandkids! That is so exciting!!

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