Weird Stuff Happens When Pregnant….it is OK!

Hormones are raging, you feel bloated, constipated, diarrhea, tired as all hell and maybe some smells or tastes are a big fat NOPE. Not all women get symptoms and some get them worse than others. It is soo interesting…I am now 27 weeks and some days pregnant. I have had some weird symptoms that I never even knew were a thing until I got preggers! Have you ever gotten crazy Sinus/Allergy Symptoms? Wow I had them for a good month straight…so bad I had to take off time off of work because I could barely even concentrate. Apparently they can flare up when you are pregnant. It is a symptom that doesn’t normally happen with all pregnant women but it does happen.  I have seen alot of women say ‘i loved being pregnant’ or ‘I hate being pregnant’ and maybe a few ‘eh…it was Ok’ haha! So what are you? I actually enjoy it for the most part thankfully!

I just recently finished my registries and boy was that a task! Half the stuff the hubby and I had no idea what to register for or what! Like for instance…the bottles and nipples. Uh there are different kinds? Oh wait …there are a million different kinds!? Overwhelm city …amirite!? Luckily, my sister just told me what to get in that area so I went ahead and did that, but it can be super overwhelming. It can be especially when you have no one to help you out! I commend all those mommas that had to just figure it out! I am also just grateful that we don’t have to deal with the registry anymore! lol It was one big check that needed to be completed! The second biggest check I needed to complete was moving. We just moved this past weekend to our new home! It has been a bit stressful only because as the weeks go by we get closer to the due date of baby! EEk! I want to nest, get the house ready and relax as much as I can before the hurricane of our child arrives. So we got everything in this weekend and now we are just organizing, cleaning and getting ready to have the house painted! So much to do but now that we have gotten the actual move completed I feel a TON better! So hooray for that portion of it!

Anyone else make big changes right before baby comes? I am curious how common it is!

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