Getting Back on the Wagon!

Boxes, boxes and MORE boxes! That is my life right now…the biggest question I have to myself is ‘how on earth did we accumulate soo much crap!?’  We have so many boxes to go through, organize, get rid of and put away! It is just crazy! I sadly didn’t have a chance to sift through everything before we moved so now I am working on that! I have to say moving a 3 bedroom/3 bath house is way different than a 1 bedroom apartment! ha ha!

Luckily I have had help with getting through the boxes along with I have my Dad coming out to help paint the house and do other things we need! Thank the lord!!! Being 27 weeks prego and trying to get a house put together is img_5054a lot more work than I realized! Thank GOD I have friends and family that WANT to help!! Then on top of that we get to hang out! I say that is a huge win win! I had no idea that i would get as tired as I do and the hubby always has to keep me in line so I may sure to sit down and rest because I will just keep going if I don’t! ha ha Anyone else bad at taking time to sit and relax? I have a hard time sitting…i just want to move all the time! Last night however….I ended up deciding to just sit and relax and it was soo worth it! My feet (Mainly my heels) were just on fire!

So I started to relax and that is when I felt that wonderful sensation of our little #CletustheFetus moving all over the place! I think he may have been doing flips in there! We may have an acrobat on our hands guys! Ha ha! The best way for me to describe the sensation of our little miracle moving is like gas bubbles. Think of club soda with all those little bubbles? Well it is kind of similar to that only much bigger bubbles popping! It is a strange feeling but really exciting!! I feel like the last couple of months I have just been all over the place with the house move, my job, the baby arrival, baby shower and deciding what I am going to do after baby comes! It is alot on my plate and I am sorry to you all for not writing about it! This is my therapy to share with you guys!

So now I am back at it…I have lots of things to share and I am so excited to get more into detail about it all! Now on to my day!


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