Sunday Thoughts…that Damn Stress!

Its Sunday afternoon and I hear the sounds of paint rollers in the soon to be nursery as I am sitting at my little desk in our new house working away.  I am just thinking about how life has changed sooo much for me. So many things have happened that I honestly never thought possible!! You all know how long it took for Tanner and I to get pregnant and after awhile I honestly started to feel hopeless about it. 2016 was the year I started to just give up and say ‘you know..maybe God is telling us we are just going to be kick ass aunt and uncle’.

I think what actually helped us TO get pregnant is I let the pressure off of me. The stress melted away as I started to think ‘welp this isn’t going to happen and it is time for me to be OK with it’. It’s a weird feeling and I just felt really defeated.


Its amazing to me how sometimes you have to get to your lowest to start rebuilding. In this case…I needed to just…well..stop. I needed to stop. I put soo much pressure on myself that I was soo overly stressed which in turn caused my Adrenal Fatigue. I am not going to lie seeing people getting pregnant over and over makes it even harder. You think to yourself ‘what the hell am I doing wrong!?’

Well I can tell you one thing…YOU ARE STRESSING ABOUT IT! We as a society need to realize that stress is a huge issue for our bodies. It is a killer. It messes up everything! Plus I think a lot of us do not know how to handle it which makes it even worse.

I think that is why I was soo shocked when I actually saw those lines saying that it was happening. I had gotten myself to the point of ‘welp…we are done here…time to move on now. Move Along…nothing to see here’ ha ha ha

Things happen in their perfect timing. They really do…it isn’t OUR perfect timing by any means…whether you believe that is God’s perfect timing, the universe or whatever…but it is when its right. For someone who is quite the control freak it can be extremely hard to let go. However, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just LET GO. Work hard but work on that stress management or else what is all that hard work for?

Its Sunday…so draw a bath, go do some coloring, watch a movie or something to just relax and rejuvenate that spirit. As for me…I am going to organize…because I just love it! I am also going to think about my next steps in life. What I am going to do…what do I want to do? So many questions but for now…time to just be. Happy Sunday!

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