Tuesdays are for sleeping…right?

Not sure what is in the pregnancy water today but I am just really tired – I mean like super duper ‘is this my first trimester’ tired. I am about halfway through 28 weeks so I totally figured I would not get this! In fact, I had planned to get some organizing done in our bedroom and instead I find myself laying in bed playing with the snapchat filters and falling asleep. The house is no where near close to being organized or even put away but that is the loveliness of moving..right? So I am in some majorly comfy clothes, hair is up and I am just going to leave it at that for the day!

28 Weeks PregnantOn top of that…the basement flooded due to our dishwasher so the kitchen and basement have fans going right now. We have some demo guys here right now pulling up our kitchen floor to get everything dried out and on to the next step to meet with an adjuster. It’s been kind of a crazy weekend and I have been going at full speed…or at the fullest speed I can and I think today Cletus told me to shut it down.  One thing I really struggle with is slowing down…i just go go go until I fall asleep! Does anyone else get that way? Just me? OK..well then…nevermind 🙂

I keep getting told to slow it down but I guess I have never had to do that…so figuring out how to slow it dimg_5160own is quite harder than one would think! I get the itch to get up and do something when really I should be putting my feet up and letting myself just relax and maybe watch a movie! Ha ha! It’s is a tough one so any ideas about doing that would be great!

It is a learning process and I realize that so I am just taking one day at a time, one moving box at a time and I am working on not letting it get to me…well as best as I can!

So instead of doing what I intended on I am going to lay in bed, get my baby book ‘Baby Wise’ and start reading. I figure this is the perfect time to dive more into this book so I can start making a great routine for when Cletus comes!!! Who thinks we will have a girl!? Who thinks it will be a boy?

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