Monday’s are always tough…

Cletus the Fetus is making my hormones go nuts!

It’s the start of a brand new week! Hooray! 🙂 So let me tell you all about this weekend…first of all we didn’t do much! I was pretty exhausted for the entire weekend and Tanner really needed a break, which is totally understandable because I have been making him go 90 mph just like me. Lol Clearly he was over that business! So I really want to talk about yesterday because well in retrospect it was like a sad but kind of funny day.  First of all my day started with me waking up to Tanner surprising me with my favorite breakfast sandwich and coffee. We had planned to go to church (for once in a blue moon! :() but I just wasn’t feeling the best. Since I have been getting so tired lately and with the cramps and the sciatica he just wanted me to rest.  So we had our meal, enjoyed our new trashy tv show that we are completely hooked on…anyone seen The Royals? Goodness …can’t get enough. lol

Then that is when I got smacked in the face by the hormonal bus ride that became my day. Oh. My. Gosh. people…was I a hot mess you ask? Why yes…yes I was…

Tanner is very serious about these baseboards for the nursery!

All of a sudden I just started feeling very sad, lonely and well like I was gonna just start crying. I immediately told Tanner that something was wrong and my emotions were getting to me and I had no clue why. I felt like the weight of the world was on me and no one cared. He came over hugged me and told me that so many people care…and of course I turned into a blubbering mess saying crazy things like ‘no one calls or checks in…’ blah blah blah. It took a good 20-30 mins to snap out of it and I finally did and calmed down.

We sat down and just relaxed because clearly I needed a chill pill. I had decided that now that we have our kitchen sort of back (kitchen and basement flooded) that we should start getting back to our meal plans and if I can get one thing done I would love to get groceries. Tan thought it was a great idea! So as per usual I sat at my computer to get started but then just stared at my computer and then broke down AGAIN. I mean, seriously? What the hell was wrong with me?? Tanner rushed over and was like ‘lover what is wrong??” and I cried even harder and said ‘I can’t make a meal plan! I don’t know where to start! I don’t know what I am doing!!’ ….you heard it here people. I had a meltdown because I couldn’t make a meal plan. ha ha ha!

Looking back it’s pretty darn hilarious. My hormones and prego brain definitely got the best of me! BUT…this is real. I have only had one of those days twice since I have been pregnant. Just twice…I count myself very lucky because feeling like the weight is completely on you and you are alone is no joking matter. Many women get this the entire pregnancy!! Can you even imagine? The ENTIRE pregnancy….it’s painful, hard and well feels lonely. It’s very hard to snap out of it and realize that all those things you are thinking ARE NOT TRUE. Hormones are a crazy thing…I truly feel for you women who get this way more than what I have had to deal with!!

To go on with the story, Tanner helped me create the meal plan and then we went on to shopping. I truly truly needed him yesterday because I was extremely emo and he was there, there to just hug me and tell me how amazing I was. I had a couple more cry sessions and he let me just get it all out. It really did help to just get it out, which is something I must push on you all. If you feel the need to cry…let it out! It will only help you! Also, find other healthy solutions to help you move forward. For me, I diffused some oils which actually helped a TON. I diffused lavendar, lemon and wild orange and as we sat and relaxed I really noticed my head getting clear and getting back to normal! It’s important to have those tools at your belt when you have a crazy off day! We all get them, some more than others. That is OK…but remember to talk to someone. I had Tanner to talk to…to help me get through it. If you stay honest with yourself it will truly help you!

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