Today is just weird…

Sometimes pregnancy really sucks. It just does…I want to be completely honest here and not hold back here. This morning I must have woken up just on the wrong side of the bed. My pelvis has been hurting since and it is already hard to walk. Normally it takes a couple hours for that to kick in for the day and I have been soo good about just letting it go and knowing that it will soon be over. In fact I have been surprisingly easy going with everything I have going on…which right now, It is a lot.

Today though…not so much.

I feel the weight of the world on me, we have a house that has to be remodeled due to an unfortunate flood that happened in the house. Plus, we have this new baby coming that will change our entire world in a way that we can’t understand yet and we will be dealing with contractors at the same time.  To top that mountain off I will be eventually losing my job due to the office closing. For the most part..I am actually OK with everything happening. I really am – in fact a lot of it is a blessing just more weird timing. At least weird to me since it is all happening at once. So anyways, today I am here sitting at my desk feeling like I have a million things to get handled and feeling like I really can’t even nest because we are in this weird limbo of ‘will we be in a hotel when baby comes or not?’. 

I hate sounding like Ms. Pity Party but today, right now that is just how it is.  I feel like usually I can pretty much handle anything but throw in hormones that I am not used to and that all gets flown out the window. I feel like hormonal changes and crying are something that are more joked about in pregnancy. Like ‘oh you don’t want to piss her off!’ and can be kind of silly and fun to make fun of but when you are feeling it, living it…well that is a whole different thing. It isn’t so funny anymore.  Life throws curveballs, life can be nuts and life doesn’t and probably will never go to plan. Let’s be honest here…when have you planned something and it went exactly right? haha like

This post today isn’t my normal feel good post because I just want to throw it all out there and be honest with where I am. I feel like I owe you guys that. Pregnancy right now is hard for me. I want to cry, I want to scream and I want to not feel huge and have this pelvis pain. I know it will get better, I will get it all out and then be fine. You know me..I hate holding in anything. So to all the women that have dealt with this..I love you. You are Perfect. You are Beautiful. You are Strong. You are a Champion.


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