Changes…Oh the Many Changes!


This entire pregnancy has been kind of bananas! Tanner was laughing at me earlier saying ‘you got all the weird symptoms no one talks about!’ ha ha! kind of true for sure! We had our 36 week appointment this week and wow…did we get some new changes then! It ended up being a 2 hour long appointment. We found out that I have Gestational Hypertension. The last 3 weeks my blood pressure has been kind of wonky (and on the high side) and when they tested me this week it was the highest it has ever been. So BOOM. Of course I had no idea what the hell that meant for us so we just sat in the doctor’s office and waited for our Doctor to come in and tell us the normal stuff of ‘oh the baby’s heart rate is strong’ ‘do you have any questions’ ‘see you soon!’

Well..that didn’t quite happen…because of the Hypertension they do not allow women to go past 37 weeks of pregnancy because it could turn into Preeclampsia.  If you don’t know what preclampsia is, well it is basically worse than just Hypertension and can cause LOTS of scary issues. So no thanks..let’s NOT go there please. They don’t even like to give it the chance to turn into it once you have hypertension so that is really nice!

So you ask..what does that mean for this pregnancy? Well I am so glad you asked! It means we are being induced on March 13th! That’s right folks…in less than a week we will FINALLY get to meet Cletus the Fetus and find out what gender it is!!!

Now when the doc came in and told us this news I of course immediately started cracking up. I mean who wouldn’t do that?? Thinking ‘oh hey we have 1 month left! So much time to get stuff done!’ to ‘ok we have 1 week to get our shit together’ hahaha! UH what?! that really happening? Where is Ashton…ASHTON WHERE ARE YOU? This is got to be a joke! I have to be getting punked right now! My laughter immediately went into tears of joy as I have been so anxious to meet this babe! On top of that my pelvis pain, swelling of my leg and exhaustion has just been really getting to me and I have started to feel kind of defeated by it.

So the next steps until Monday….we will be moving out of our house and into an extended stay hotel. The reason being is on top of the baby coming our house renovation starts Monday too! Monday is quite the epic day already! lol So instead of bringing baby home to our new home it will be our new hotel! Which actually is totally fine…I mean we have a built in cleaning lady for the hotel. Can’t go wrong with that! lol In all seriousness though it does make all this an even bigger adventure and knowing that we have loads of family and friends around us, supporting and just loving the heck out of us has made all of this even better! I couldn’t be more excited to meet this little guy (or girl…but come on …I am pretty sure its a boy…should we place bets?!)

What makes this all even better is that my mom gets to come out and be there at the birth! This will be the first grandchild she actually will be there for as it enters the world! So it will be a special moment for all of us!! The fact that this has become planned actually eased my mind soo incredibly much! I mean yea…now we are less than a week away so it definitely expedited the process but I think that is God’s way of saying ‘it’s time and I am not gonna make you 2 wait any longer for your miracle!!’  On top of that it gave my Mom the option to actually come out to be apart of it which is something I was really wanting but figured it just wouldn’t happen! Tears of Joy? Yes…ok maybe a blubbering mess is more like it.

So here we go…on the the newest adventure! March 13th we get induced and then we get to meet our new family member!!! Stay tuned!


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  1. How exciting! Is that the right expression to use? I hope so. Sorry to hear it’s because you’ve high BP but the impression I get from the post is that you’re not particularly unwell with it, and just rolling with it… It is was it is and this is how to make the best of it… In fact you make it sound really positive. I hope it is just that.

    Looking forward to the next installment!

    • It was actually exciting because they meant we are gonna meet the little buggy soon! Definitely rolling with it! Ha ha ha! Not much else you can do

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