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If you follow me on social media you will see that I am no longer pregnant and our little boy has arrived! Jenson Stewart Bell was born on March 10th, 2017 and he is just perfect!! The last 2 weeks have been quite the whirl wind and I figured it was time to get back to you guys to share!!

So the week that Jenson came was kind of crazy! That Monday, March 6th, we went in for my 36th Week Appointment. Now if you don’t know about pregnancy appointments they also check your blood pressure and when they did it was high. In fact it was higher than the weeks before! So when the doctor came in she looked it over and said ‘oh you wont be going past 39 weeks of pregnancy with this result because you have Gestation Hypertension’

Tanner and I were like ‘ok we have a plan…in 3 weeks we will have a kid. not a month … 3 weeks!’ We both got excited and I felt so relieved to know that I would probably get induced rather than what I kept thinking would happen…my water breaking at work lol! I could already imagine my bosses awkward response if my water broke there!  ha ha

The doctor we saw wasn’t our regular doctor so she told us that she wanted to speak with Dr. Jiang who we were regularly seeing to make sure that she was in the know and if anything needed to be specifically for this change in BP. Well as we were waiting Tanner and I were starting to realize that this little miracle we have been waiting for for soo long is gonna be here in 3 weeks! 3 weeks…that is nothing! Insert slight freak out mode because I am now realizing it is only 3 weeks away! hahaha!

So as this is happening Dr. Jiang comes in with the other doctor..Dr. Stacy told us she was incorrect on this timing and that they actually do not let women go past 37 weeks of pregnancy with Gestational Hypertension because it could lead into Preeclampsia and that is something you absolutely do not want!

Dr. Jiang says ‘ok so next monday…you ready to have a baby?’ Tanner and I stared at eachother and I just uncontrollably started laughing. Obviously everyone was like ‘what the hell is wrong with her!?’ ha ha ha! I couldn’t stop laughing and was like ‘well ok in a week we are having a baby! March 13th…here we come!’ I tend to have laughter when I have nothing to say or am in shock about something. We had 1 week to basically prepare ourselves for this kid. I mean I felt like I was preparing all along but now it was a definitely time frame. The kid will be here next week.

So of course MANY calls were being made to the family to let them in on the exciting news and my Mom was like ‘i am coming out!’ Which was soo awesome! She was going to be able to be at the birth of my little nugget now because we had a plan! I love plans!! Plans put me at ease…destress me! I was starting to get soo excited and now in planner mode. I had to make sure everything was set with work, our hotel we were going to be moving into because of our renovation at the house, make sure family knew the plan so they could be there, get my oils for labor and delivery ready, pack, and the list went on. I was definitely on a roll that week! 

Roll on over to Thursday, March 9th and that is where the crazy really started! I get up for my morning bathroom break before I start to get ready for work. Feeling grumpy because I am tired of being pregnant but know I don’t have much longer! YAY for no more pelvic pain! So i am standing there in the bathroom and all of a sudden I just feel water dripping down my leg. I pull my pants off because I didn’t want them to get wet and I was like ‘what the hell is going on…!?’ I suddenly realized…uh I think my water just broke. So it was a sight guys. I am standing in our bathroom, in an empty house because Tanner just left with Ace to go for a walk and I am just leaking water! ha ha! I will tell you ….the water breaking situation was not something that entered my mind as a scenario anymore because well we had a plan! A plan that MONDAY was the day. Not Thursday…MONDAY! lol

So I immediately text my sister asking her about water breaking, how it felt and all that.  She calls me and is asking me questions and was like ‘yeah your water broke sister!’ ha ha! Uh ok. . so that happened. I am standing in the bathroom leaking, in shock and of course….I start laughing again. Tanner isn’t home yet, his phone is sitting on the bed so calling him is not in the cards. He gets home and I tell him the goings on and we head to the hospital. At this point I didn’t feel any contractions or anything. So we made sure to stop to grab some food to head up just in case because I hear that is important.

So there we are at the hospital, checked in and I know this baby is coming..just not sure when as I didn’t really feel anything in regards to contractions yet. The nurses there had to do several tests to see if my water indeed broke because I believe Jenson’s head closed the hole to where the water actually broke so not much more fluid was coming out. That defintely changed later in the day. So thursday because a day of waiting. I was hooked up to the monitors, having contractions (but at this point I wasn’t feeling anything at all) and just hanging out until active labor started. Around 9pm they decided to give me some pitocin so we can get the ball rolling since I literally was just hanging out in the labor room watching My 600lb Life. (btw if you haven’t seen that show …it is crazy and you should check it out!)

Around 915pm ish is when things started to happen. Then is when we told the fam to go out in the waiting room as things were starting to actually ‘start’ haha! We told the nurses that our original plan was to not have an epidural but if it came to it that I would consider it. I have never been through labor, obviously, so I didn’t want to completely rule anything out. Especially since sometimes I have a hard time breathing and put my body into a panic state because of it.

I am not going to go to much in detail about my labor and delivery as I am sure you don’t want to hear about the entire thing. However the labor and delivery went extremely smooth and quick. The contractions were intense for me, in fact the nurses were telling me later that I was having big contractions every time and that was why. Not that contractions are ever easy, they feel like gnarly cramps basically. I was able to labor all around the room, on a yoga ball, in the bath tub and the hubby was right there with me and talking through them to help me. Helping me to breath deeply and all that.  The bath tub was actually incredible and if you have the opportunity to have a tub in your labor room I highly recommend it. The hot water really relaxes your body and that is what you really need. For me, it was getting late…at this point I had been up since 6am and was pretty sacked out because of the waiting game we played all day! I ended up falling asleep for a bit in the tub while Tanner just sat next to me. I woke up to realizing that I wasn’t breathing correctly because I could feel my face and hands tingly. I knew this feeling all to well because that is the start of a panic attack for me. I get them when I tense my body up and basically ‘forget’ to breath.

Tanner then brought up a point his sister had and that was that if I were to get an epidural right now I could relax and maybe get some rest since it had been a long day for me. At this point I realized that maybe that is the route I need to go. I thought ok I don’t want to get an epidural BUT that will allow me to rest before we go into the delivery stage and then the baby is here and who knows what kind of rest I will get then. I looked at Tanner and said ok lets do the epidural. At first I did have feelings of ‘did I just give up on this or am I making the right choice for my situation?’ I am a stubborn mule and once I set my mind to doing something a certain way I definitely intend to keep it that way, but, this was the time for me to set aside my stubbornness and do what was right for my body, my mind and for my little miracle that was waiting to be born.

Once we got the epidural in I immediately felt my body relax. I actually didn’t realize how tight and pent up my body was. There was some breathing I clearly wasn’t doing correctly which in the end would not have helped my labor at all. I definitely had made the right decision, I was able to relax my mind and body and immediately fell asleep. I think I slept for MAYBE 30 mins? I started to feel the contractions again and the nurses were like ‘hmm you shouldn’t be feeling them so sharply!’ They turned to look at the contraction monitor and were like ‘omg how are you not like screaming’ Apparently my contractions had gotten way more intense and were basically off the charts. This baby was coming and it was coming right now!

At 1:07am it was time for the delivery/pushing stage! We were so close! EEK we were going to meet this little critter and find out if it was a boy or a girl! YAY!!!! Then…1:17am Jenson arrived!! It was quick! In fact it was so quick that our doctors intern that was shadowing her all week didn’t even make it to the birth! He walked in as they were handing me Jenson!  haha! Poor guy missed it!

I just couldn’t believe how quick it all was and so emotional! This little baby we waited for for over 4 years is now here and it was a boy!!! I think God gave us that easy and smooth labor/delivery because of how long we waited for him!

What else was awesome was that my gut was right all along! The emotions, the hormones, everything went berzerk and all I could muster up was tears of joy! The little nugget just stole our hearts immediately. I couldn’t believe that Tanner and I created this tiny little life. This little miracle was ours and we were his.  I now understand how your heart can just burst when your child has arrived!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to the amazing nurses and doctors at PSL (Presbyterian/St. Lukes Medical Center) in Denver, Colorado. The care and attention we got was absolutely incredible. We received great hands on help from the lactation nurses there as well and it made me feel so much better leaving to come home!  I highly recommend this hospital if you are looking for one to give birth at. I really don’t have enough good things to say about our stay, the nurses, the care and the attention.

Thank you all for the amazing prayers and following me on this crazy journey of fertility and pregnancy! I will be posting more about postpartum and my journey with that as well!

Now onto a whole new chapter of Momhood!

Stay tuned…


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    • Oh wow!!! That is a shock!!! He was about the same in early but since the hypertension we knew he was gonna be early no matter just not early than my inducement date! Ha!!

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