Ok I am a bit of a granola I know…

So I MAY have been told several times that I am a hippie and a granola. ha ha and to be totally honest…i like it! I would say my journey with changing my lifestyle to more natural all started from digestive problems.  Most of my life I have had digestive issues and about 5-6 years ago I started to get more persistent about figuring out WHY I had digestive issues and that is when I started learning more about products we use, ingredients and so many other things in the natural lifestyle world. It was like a huge wormhole I entered! I just wanted to keep learning more because I was starting to understand why i had so many weird and random problems. 

So when I started into my fertility journey i started learning about how there are so many chemicals being used in everyday products that completely jack up your reproductive organs. Then I thought….if that is the case then what else are they jacking up!? I then got completely grossed out and when on a binge and threw everything out and decided I needed to be WAY more mindful of what I am putting ON my body, what I am breathing in and what products I use to clean. I realized that nutrition and fitness isn’t the only thing that is important about getting healthy. So with that said I wanted to share a lotion that I came across that has great healthy ingredients and what Essential Oils I added in for Jenson. So I don’t really think I have done many blogs yet on my love of essential oils but I am definitely going to start sharing more!! I absolutely LOVE them! It all started when I was looking to change out my products in my house with something natural and healthy for me!

I got involved with DoTerra oils and seriously it was love at first site! Ok now I sound a bit crazy but hey it is a good kind of crazy! ha ha!! I love them so much and have found so many great ways to use them!! I used them all throughout pregnancy, pre pregnancy, my hubby has found them extremely helpful and even Ace! Woohoo! Not gonna lie…pretty damn awesome. lol

Ok so getting to the point I swear!! ha ha When I got pregnant I started looking for products for Jenson that were healthy and OK for his teeny little body. I didn’t want to put anything on him that had weird crazy ass ingredients that no one can even pronounce. I want to give him his best shot at life and part of that is being healthy!  I came across the lotion made by California Baby.  I found that it isn’t filled with tons of crap ingredients and in fact is quite healthy for your skin.  I mixed Frankincense, Lavender & Melaleuca Essential oils into the lotion and I put it on the bottom of Jenson’s feet after a diaper change as well as I put it on him after his bath time. So i am sure you are reading this and thinking ‘why are you putting oils in this lotion..isn’t the lotion good enough?’ hahaha I am a mind reader over here! So like I said earlier I want to give Jenson his best chance ever.  I started to do some research on what oils would be helpful for infants and found these 3. Well first of all Lavender is everything calming. Doesn’t everyone need that in an infant? lol Well my little nugget has very sensitive skin just like his momma and Lavender is one of those oils that everyone needs in their life.

Frankincense is another great oil to add in there because it helps your immune system (among a million other amazing uses for it) and then lastly Melaleuca is amazing for the skin! So there ya go…I created a wonderfully smelling and yummy lotion for the boo. It is fun to see how relaxed he becomes once I put some on, or if his tummy is upset i can add some on his stomach and it immediately relaxes. I actually decided to use it on myself as well because it smells so darn good!

Does anyone else use essential oils? If so I would love to know what you use them for!!

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  1. I’m an oil user! I use them for all kinds of stuff (cleaning, homemade bath and body products, diffusing, topically for pain or other ailments…) but the three you mentioned are what I use in my homemade baby wipe solution!

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