Battle of the Boob

So I wanted to update you guys on where I am with my breastfeeding has been an interesting ride. Like I told you earlier I am taking fenugreek and brewers yeast. I am still taking those but to be totally honest I haven’t seen much of a change from them. I know that some people had real success with the increased supply but that is definitely not me! haha

I was also told that drinking LOTS of water will help. I have been drinking water but I think some days I just am not drinking enough.  So that is definitely something I need to change. When I am out and about I tend to drink less so I need to start coming up with ways to get me drinking while I am out. I think that is probably a very common problem with most people though! I just need a faucet to follow me where ever I am…new invention?

I am going to kind of update my routine to hopefully help the supply because as of now it is going down and not up. So that is something I REALLY want to change!! If I can breastfeed or even just get him to bottle feed with breast milk 80% of the time that would be amazing!  I am aware that that could also just not happen. In fact yesterday it kind of hit me at how things are just not going the way I want them too. It really didn’t dawn me how much it was affecting me until Tanner asked why I was so on edge and if anyone knows Tanner it was more of a like ‘wtf dude’ hahaha! Of course I got super snippy when he asked me that…umm excuse me but don’t call me out on my snaptasticness! lol Once I got over myself I realized that the fact that I am not totally ‘winning’ at this breastfeeding thing is really bothering me. I am trying my hardest for it to work.  SO WORK DAMN IT! haha! Just DO what I want you to do! OK? Thanks!

I, of course, apologized and explained to him where I was with it all. I would say 95% of time it doesn’t bother me but yesterday that 5% definitely came out. I needed to get the emotion out and move on. So that is what I did and I feel way better and ready to try some more! I don’t know how long I am going to actually give this a go but I am just going to until I feel like it is time to let it go. I decided this morning it was time to start trying out the essential oils. I am sure you all are surprised I haven’t tried these yet but I wanted to give the fenugreek and brewers yeast a chance before I added in more things!

So as of now…add more water, pump 2-4 times a day and add in Essential Oil potions. Hey, at least I will smell delightful!  I spoke to my essential oil ladies and got some great advice, along with checking my essential oil bible for what oils would help with increasing milk supply. What I found is Fennel, Basil and Wild Orange Essential Oils are the key! So what I did was created a spray that I can put on my boobs throughout the day. One thing to keep in mind though is that Fennel you can’t use continuously and that you need to take breaks from it OR it can actually do the opposite affect on your supply. I have no idea why that is but that is just what I have learned.  So what I will actually do is create 2 different blends, one with Fennel and one without.  Then I will switch them every week.  Also, I added in Lavender to the mix because it is a great calming oil and with all the action happening on my ta-tas I figured that would be a great add in! ha ha!

Now to help even more I will be taking veggie capsules of Wild Orange and Basil.  I was told by a gal that did this to do it 3 times a day. So basically every time I need to take a vitamin I will be adding this in as well.   So let’s just bomb the crap out of myself. Sound good? OK lol

If this doesn’t work for the milk supply it will certainly help me with my emotions because of the amazing benefits all of these oils have on your body. So either way it is a win win for me! Let’s just hope my little cocktails I created for myself do the job!!

I am feeling really positive about this journey and honestly…if it doesn’t work I can say that I tried my absolute best and gave it my all. That is in fact the most important thing about anything you want to accomplish.  Not everything is going to happen the way you want it to. It just isn’t…life isn’t fair! BUT…I am learning more and more about who I am and what I want. I am also teaching myself that the most important thing is I try my best. I definitely will not be walking away from this with the horrible ‘regret’ that I didn’t try.  Who would want to feel that way anyway..? This journey has been crazy but also has been a huge learning process for me! So no matter what the outcome of this breastfeeding is I will be coming out as a winner! Why? Because I have the coolest baby in the world that is being fed, loved and snuggled!



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  1. Hi Nat, are you able to use the spray where he doesn’t get it near his mouth? I want to make this spray for my daughter and wanted to make sure I knew how/where to tell her to apply it. You’re doing great, momma! Keep trying and don’t let that 5% get you too down, being a mommy is HARRRRRRD, but you’re totally rocking it sister! Hugs!

    • Hey lady!!! So I spray it on after the feeding so it actually won’t affect baby at all! and if you feel like if there is any residual before you feed next time just wipe the nipple with a warm wet towel and you are good!! Let me know how she does with it!! Do you need to order the oils or do you already have them?

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