Time to Say ‘F It’

Something I have been dealing with my whole life is for some reason I tend to worry about what others think or what others could potentially think about my choices. (This is something I don’t ever talk about..but to be totally honest with you guys I felt compelled to talk about this today)

I don’t know why I do this. . . I realize how dangerous this is and completely DUMB it is too! Why should I care about what others think? Why am I so worried that I will look a certain way to others? I am still working on that to get to the bottom of it but what I am also working on is to let it go. Everyday I talk to myself…ok not in the crazy way lol. I tell myself that I need to do what I WANT to do. I also tell myself lots of positive affirmations and that it is up to me to make the change.

I now have the time, the freedom to get whatever I want going, which is amazing!! Tanner can attest to this that I have been whining/complaining for years about wanting to do my own thing and not have a boss. Literally…I complain about it. What bugs me is that I shouldn’t be complaining about it..complaining gets you nowhere. It just creates your own pity party. NOPE. No Thank you! Not any more…now is the time to get my ass in gear and DO my passion. Put myself out there and work. It isn’t easy to do that but the end result makes it OH SO WORTH IT! I have seen other’s succeed at their passions because they put in the hardwork. Which is so inspiring and exciting!

I think that all of us have fears and some of those fears I think can become debilitating if you let them. You can either get consumed by fear OR you can get out there and start working your butt off and creating the life you want! So which one is it?

Letting your fears consume you will only lead you into a sad life. Honestly…it really will. If you don’t make this life worthwhile then what are you doing? What are those passions of yours? They are passions for a reason ….so get out show the world you are one bad ass chick (or guy!) and make life truly worth living. Is your passion to stay home and garden? OK…well do it or is your passion to get out make a huge change in the world? Or are you somewhere in between? Whatever it is…it is YOURS. So now I am taking my own advice and going to start doing. I can’t let things get to me…and when they do I need to go for a walk and let those feelings melt off of me. We are all human and each day is a new day full of new obstacles and learning opportunities.

So your lesson for the day is this….no more pity parties. Besides those are boring! If you want to make change the first step is DOING. So get up and get out! lol That is what I am doing! I am getting up and stopping from letting my mind tell me otherwise!!

P.S. This blog may have been more of a ‘you can do it Natalie’ blog than for anyone…but I do hope if anyone is feeling down today that it helps you! Today was my feeling down day but after getting this out and going for my walk I am not ready to get back at it and work! Love you guys!

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