The SELF Journal

So I have to say my husband is seriously the greatest!! This year is going to be my first Mother’s Day! I can’t even believe that this is gonna be my first ever Mother’s Day! It is really exciting because it took us so long to even get to this and now we have this perfect little nugget! I mean just look at that face!! ADORABLE PEOPLE! ha ha ha! I know..I am partial..

So going back to what I was originally saying…my husband is the greatest! Why? Well the other day I was having kind of a hard day emotionally. Basically lots of hormones running around. I had just gotten my period after not having it for quite a long time and it just really caught me off guard. It was just a weird funk…and well annoyingly it is totally normal.

So he comes home from work with early Mother’s Day gifts! I was so excited! Well first he got me a really nice bottle of Whiskey which I was soo excited to try! Yum! I craved it when I was pregnant so that was a tough one for me ha ha ha. The second gift was this thing called the SELF Journal. It is a book/journal that helps with time management, eating that frog, productivity and goal setting.  After getting laid off it really pushed me to realize that it was time to work on ME and do what I really want to do. What I really want to do is be my own boss so that I can travel, do what I want to do and be able to be with Jenson! As I started working on getting rolling with my business I realized that I am all over the place and got really down on myself. I got down on myself because I overwhelmed myself and didn’t know how to get out of it. Well this journal is supposed to help get me to my goals in an organized way! Which is EXACTLY what I need! I am soo stoked to start working on it!!! Has anyone ever used this journal before? What did you think of it? Did it help you?

I think what I am most excited about with this is to help reign in all my thoughts and get my on a nice consistent track to make my goals happen!



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