My Self Journal Journey

So I started on my Self Journal and it is a bit harder than I anticipated. haha I think the reason for that is because this is all very new to me, you have to really go into detail to really figure out your goals. Which is amazing but also makes you really think! lol

One of my most important goals is the business that I am starting! The reason why is the sooner I can get things rolling the easier staying home with the Nugget will be.  However, Jenson has been a little needy the last week! I was reading that this is a common thing to happen between weeks 6 and 8 and he will be 2 months this week! So it all made sense….I believe he must be going through a growth spurt.

My life has been having to hold him most of the day which don’t get me wrong I love love love to hold him!!! But when you are trying to get stuff done it makes it a little difficult so I really have to be intentional with my time! It is such a learning process!

I don’t know how all you stay at home mommas and pappas do it but I am definitely wanting to learn it!! ha ha!! I know I will get there I just have to keep on pushing!
So any ways…I haven’t gotten far on my SELF Journal yet ….I need to create 3 ‘end result’ goals to accomplish and so far I have 1 listed. Whoops. Talk about Fail! ha ha! The reason I say that is my goal was to get rolling on this today and I am 1/3rd the way there! That is OK though!! Tonight I plan to keep working on the goals. The journal is a 13 week roadmap so my end result goals I want to be accomplish by then. That could change but for now I want to just to 13 week stints. If that makes sense! If you are curious about this journal I highly recommend going to THIS SITE and getting one!! It would be fun to learn what your goals are and how you want to achieve them! We could work on them together! 🙂

One of my goals that I am working on putting into this journal is my business! I am working on building this blog/website to become more than what it is now and I am SUPER excited about it! I have so much I want to do and this book, I believe, is really going to help guide me in the right direction! So far it has already helped me reign in myself so I can steer my actions and thoughts in the right direction! I tend to be all over the place sometimes! That may be the artistic side of me….linear is not really in my vocabulary so that means I need to have something help me with that!

Now that the hubs is home I can actually take the time to put my 100% focus on this!!!

If you do end up getting one of these journals comment below and let me know!!

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