Post Partum & Getting My Butt in Gear!

So in my self journal one of my goals is to lose weight. In order to make this goal measurable I needed to weigh myself, take measurements and also I did before pictures….that part sucked ass. Not gonna lie ha ha! In order to stay accountable I want to share this journey of postpartum, fitness and nutrition!! Hopefully it will also help you out as well!

I was quite sure what I wanted to do with my fitness regime so I started looking over the programs I had and also had to take into consideration the fact we are in a hotel. The more I thought about it the more I realize that Piyo would be a perfect program for me being that I am coming back from having a baby and I didn’t workout much during pregnancy due to exhaustion and other things.

Another reason is my body has felt super super stiff and kind of uneasy. I know that this is after effects of pregnancy and my body is different now that we are in the postpartum phase of life. Piyo just makes sense! It is an amazing program that is like a constantly moving yoga workout! It is based of stretching and strengthening.

The entire Piyo program is 2 months long and I am excited to see how I grow and change and get stronger! However …today was more of a hotmess than anything! I haven’t stretched much and so trying to hold any pose was more hilarious than anything! If only Tanner was here to film the entire workout today! It would have been quite funny to watch! lol I was saying earlier in another post that now that we have a kid I have to be much more intentional with my time. So once JB went to sleep I immediately  got some oils and put them in the diffuser and then threw on the program!!!

So the reason I diffused oils is because I wanted to give myself my best chance and staying motivated during this workout. It is my FIRST workout since I had Jenson and I was pretty nervous and anxious about it! I wanted to help ease my mind but also motivate my self. I went through a blend of the following…

  • Lavender – for calming and relaxation to help me push through my stretches and help me focus on deep breathing
  • Bergamot – for Optimism and help with that anxious feeling I had about working out
  • Citrus Bliss – for uplifting and energy to get me through the workout

It smells SOO Delicious in here guys!! I think this may be a normal house blend I use because not only does it smells good but I am soo motivated now to keep checking off my task list today! Today was a total win and I couldn’t be more stoked about the days to come! I know not all days are going to feel like this day but that is life! We just have to keep pushing through and not letting out excuses get the best of us! Let’s strive to be our best selves through love, acceptance and caring!

And to make it even better…I think Jenson approves of my new goals OR he is just excited that he is officially 2 months old!  Just can’t get over that face of his! I just want to squeeze it all the time! I am so happy that we are making it work where I can stay home with him! I have to say I never thought I would really want that until he came out into the world!

HAPPY 2 MONTHS Jenson Stewart! You are so loved and this Hotmess of a Momma is doing this all for you!



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