Living Naturally with Essential Oils

So about 2 years ago I decided to jump in on Essential Oils. I had gone to a class and learned all about them and this was the time I was working on moving to a more natural lifestyle.  I decided to get a kit called ‘Home Essentials’ through DoTerra and it was basically a bunch of oils to help get rid of all the medicine that we had. I have been on a slow process to rid our house of all the crap products (both cleaning and for your body)

Living Naturally for this little Monkey!

so that our bodies can have a better chance at being healthy. Especially with the fertility stuff I was going through it made since to get as natural as possible! I had learned that alot of the products I used on a daily basis affected reproductive organs…seriously!! Isn’t that crazy? But think about it..whatever you are putting on your skin, breathing in or even eating has an affect on your body…so it isn’t so far fetched!! Just crazy! In the words of Jimmy Fallon…EEWWW!!! hahaha I love that skit! ha ha

SO anyways…as I started using them I found that they really are little miracle workers in every bottle! I keep imagining little elves working in the bottles making my life so much better. Is that just me? OK I know I am kind of a nerd!!

They have helped me, Tanner and even Ace with lots of different things and now they will be used on Jenson! PLUS, they smell so good and I love to diffuse them in the house (Citrus Bliss blend is my jam people!)!

This got me thinking…with my huge love of living a more natural and healthy lifestyle (ok we can call it crunchy) it just made sense that maybe I should get more involved into the essential oil life. I recently decided th

at I was going to become a wellness advocate for DoTerra which means I am going to start sharing more about what I do with them, having education classes to help people learn about the like I have learned about them!

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With that said…I am having my FIRST education class that my girl, Krista and I will be co-hosting! It will be an online webinar that is live next week and so if you have any interest in learning more about these oils I would LOVE for you to jump on with us!! Just message me and let me know!!

REGISTER HERE to join the class!


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