Workout, Work and Whining

EEK! I am officially in Week 2 of my workouts, week 2 of working towards my business/blog and other goals! This self journal has been extremely helpful and I feel like I am making some great headway!  I have to say I have quite the journey ahead of me but I am really excited about it because it is my journey and I plan to share it with you all as I go through it. I created a video right after my SWEAT workout yesterday! Check it out! (Still working on my video skills and all you pro’s I KNOW move the video horizontally! Tanner already shamed me for it! lol)

Someone is Happy this morning!

One thing that has been a bit hard the last week is Jenson is now going through his teething stage and he has a small flat spot on the right side of his head. The doctor told us this is completely normal as babies will tend to favor one side over the other. So during my workouts when he is sleeping I have to slyly move his head so he can not keep favoring that side! ha ha! It definitely makes my workouts interesting because I don’t want to wake him up!! Also, the teething…well I found out that Tanner started teething at 6 weeks! ha ha so it isn’t too surprising that Jenson is starting now! Looks like he is following in his dad’s footsteps! lol

Last night he had like a crazy meltdown about it! I felt so bad for him! I didn’t want to give him Tylenol right away as I don’t really want that to be the ‘go to’. I found out that we could give him some diluted Lavender. Rub it on his cheeks and jawbone and we also wrapped an ice cube in cotton t-shirt and let him ‘chew’ on that. Remember that lotion I made for him? Well i rubbed that all over him too just for added support. We ended up also giving him some Tylenol just to completely ‘bomb’ him lol but I don’t think the Tylenol really kicked in till later on. After we gave him the Lavender rub down he noticeable calmed down!! I applied it 2 hours later before we all went to bed as well just to help him over night.

Everything we did actually worked because he slept from 10 to 315am!! When he woke up then he seemed calm and happy and ready to eat! So I fed him, applied another dose of lavender and he went back to sleep until 645am! I would say that is a total win in my book! HOORAY! If you are a mom or dad I am sure you can understand how hard it is to hear your baby cry! Especially when they can’t tell you what hurts or what is wrong! Luckily the doctor warned us what teething symptoms looked like so we felt pretty prepared for it!

Happy Daddy & Son

Tonight I feel ready if he has another meltdown. It was recommended to freeze a wet wash cloth and let them chew on that (I think that is WAY better than the ice cube!!) and I also have a very very very diluted roller ball of Onguard essential oil blend with some Olive Oil mixed in. So what you do with that is rub it on their gums and it should help kind of numb it to ease the pain! I am hoping I don’t have to use it but I will have it in my tool belt just incase!

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