Sore and Feeling Good!

Health. When you hear that word what do you think of? For me I think of physical and mental health, I think of happiness and I think of a happy life! I have been through quite a lot and the most important thing is that I make choices that will keep me and my family healthy. This is one of the reasons my family calls me the hippie! haha! Which I am totally OK with! In fact this morning Tanner was giving me a hard time (in a loving way of course) about me getting super excited about finding a recipe to make my own sunscreen! ha ha! I just can’t help my self guys…after all that I have been through and all the information I have learned about the products we use on a daily basis and how they affect your cells, organs and everything else in your body I really want to make sure that the choices we make for what we eat, put on our body or inhale are the right choices. I want to give JB his best shot at life, I want him to be healthy and happy! If he is healthy and happy then I feel like I have succeeded at momhood!

So yesterday I woke up and it was very snowy out, the hubs woke up feeling terrible and Jenson slept 7 hours straight!! #win

I decided that I needed to make sure I still got my workout in before I did anything else because I am still trying to get my motivation to stay on track. In other words I have alot of conversations with myself to get at it! Well, I am so glad I did but man my core is sore! lol Sore in a good way though!! I am absolutely loving the Piyo program!! I am feeling stronger and my body just feels really good! I feel like I have more energy and am just mentally happier! However a nice hot bath with some Deep Blue essential oil may be in my future guys haha!

I also had my first online Oils Education Course last night and it went really really well! Krista, who is helping me get rolling, co-hosted with me and she did exceptionally well! 🙂 She gave me a great tip too! She puts a bit of Frankincense on her neck and roof of her mouth to help her get in focus and get her mind right before a class! I felt kind of all over the place because I was nervous so I went ahead and gave that a whirl and man she was right! I all of a sudden felt very focused! Then I thought…maybe I should be doing that more often! lol All in all I would say yesterday was a great day and I got alot accomplished! Somedays it just doesn’t happen that way dependent on how Jenson is! I am sure all my stay at home dads and moms know that! lol

So tonight I have another Online Education Oil 101 class and I am definitely going to be putting Frankincense on again! ha ha! I have quite the busy day today and I am so happy that Jenson slept well AGAIN! 11pm to 545am! Can you believe that? I am just hoping and praying he keeps going on this great sleep! If he is anything like me…he will because I have always loved my sleep! hahaha! So if everyone can send me the good juju, the prayers and all that so he can? THANKS! lol

If you guys do have an interest to learn more about the oils don’t forget to register!! Don’t have the link to register? Just let me know and I will send it to you!

Now off to get my workout in…yes I am forcing myself because today is ‘Upper Define’ and I have no upper body strength! If you don’t hear from me…get me an ambulance! lol Just kidding guys…I will make it through! …




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