Are Things Really Quieting Down? Yeah…Probably Not!

The last couple weeks have been a complete whirlwind!! Jenson, Tanner and I went on vacation to California and then I actually traveled home alone because Tanner had to get back to work. I am officially launching my new business in Essential Oils this weekend with 3 classes at my newly renovated home! You have no idea how excited I am about this!! It is just crazy to me the journey we have been on the past year, so much craziness has happened I honestly don’t know what I will do once things quiet

down. haha! We are completely finished with the remodel and now I am sitting at the kitchen table just loving it in here. It feels serene and peaceful and yet I feel so motivated to get some work done as Jenson sleeps.

It is really crazy to think about the incredible journey we went on to get this little guy! All the years of trying with no success, the years of tears because everyone around us was getting pregnant except us. Then all of a sudden it happened….and we got the most incredible little dude in the world! I have been asked by several people if I want more kids. It is an interesting question because I think to myself…I am 36 years old. If it takes 4 years again to get pregnant I will be 40 (goodness! lol) Do i want to go down that road of trying and possibly dealing with no success of pregnancy? That part scares me…I don’t want to stress over not getting pregnant again. I don’t want my sadness to come into play when I am with Jenson. I don’t want my sadness of possibly not getting pregnant again to come into play with my relationship with Tanner either. So when I get asked that …I don’t really have an answer. There is a small part of me that thinks it would be awesome to have one more so Jenson can grow up with a sibling but I also have a lot of doubt on whether that could ACTUALLY happen. I know I should be more positive about it and say let’s just go for it and not worry…but in the real world…I will worry! haha! I mean I think it is physically impossible to not completely worry about something.

So I have thought a lot about this…and if we do decide to go down that path again I will definitely change a lot of things we did. I will focus on a more homeopathic route, learning to meditate, use essential oils for my emotions to help balance me out, focus on keeping myself healthy for not just my body but my mind too! Working on just being calm I guess would be the best way to describe it! One HUGE Stressor that is no longer in my life though was my job. My job made me very stressed out due to the feeling of limbo we were all in there. Honestly that was a ginormous

stressor in my life that I am soo glad isn’t there anymore! We never really knew what was going to happen there and that didn’t feel good when Tanner and I were thinking of expanding our family! (IE: MORE MONEY TO SPEND! lol)

So I am left with lots to think about but I think the biggest thing I really need to focus on is my new business and my relationship with Tanner. It is important for us to get our time together now with the little here. Luckily the nugget usually goes to bed at 10p these days. Hoping to eventually get that to around 7 or 8 but I think he is still too young. It is all so interesting trying to figure out schedules! haha!

So as I was saying about my business, I am launching this weekend! I am doing 3 classes this weekend at my home that will be Essential Oil Basics classes, focusing on the top most popular oils and a few other goodies! I think what makes this even more exciting is that we are doing it in our home that was just remodeled! So now I get to show off all that hard work we went through! haha! Guys…the house just looks incredible! Plus, last night we had our first little dinner party and it just filled my heart! All I have wanted for awhile now was a place where people could come and sit, drink wine and talk about everything!! It is exactly what I needed and totally lifted my spirits knowing that we made the right decision!

So, I wanted to invite anyone interested in coming to learn more about Essential Oils, what they are and how they can help you in your daily life to these parties!

Below is a link to register if you would like to come!


Ok and now I have a question for you guys…what has been the most interesting or challenging thing that has happened to you in the past year and how did you overcome it? What did you do, how did and do you feel about it all? I would love to know!


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