Post Partum and Where I am

When I started this postpartum Journey it felt overwhelming, scary and I felt very unsure of how I would get to the goals that I wanted to get to. I heard so many stories about women having a hard time losing the baby weight, women struggling emotionally to get back to where they used to be. To be honest it scared me I was afraid that I would fall back into my old ways and become obsessed with reading the scale and start to focus on just my weight.  The most important thing to me is being healthy. When I say healthy I’m not talking about a number on a scale I’m talking about Mental Health and physical health. This is why I have completely revamped the way we live in our house. We switched out products to use healthy products instead and we have now moved over to a more paleo style of eating. I’m not depriving myself because that is the worst thing that anyone could do as it can totally set you back from your goals. Having those treats now and again is totally healthy and should happen. The biggest thing to remember is moderation! 

This journey has been so interesting and I have learned so much about myself and how strong I am. It is amazing to see the progress I’ve made both mentally and physically to become healthier, happier and to see my body just feeling better in general.

I am definitely still on this journey and not where I want to be yet but today I decided to check the scale to see where I have come in the last month. I was shocked to find that I have lost 10 lb and it felt so good to know that I was on the right track! My biggest goal is to be healthy, healthy for Jenson, healthy for Tanner and really healthy for me. I haven’t really been working out because I wanted to focus mainly on my nutrition as that is 80% of weight loss! Plus eating healthy is only going to make me feel better and keep me going throughout my years! Weight loss is just a bonus! Like I was saying I have been moving over and back into paleo as I’ve always felt the best when I’ve eaten that way and I have also added in essential oils to help boost my metabolism!! I have to see I am really seeing the change I was hoping because of this! 

This is not a diet I’m on. THIS is me working towards a lifestyle change. I can happily say things are going amazingly and now I feel a huge push to start adding in fitness!! 

We all go through struggles trying to lose weight trying to feel better and it is really hard. I have struggled my entire life with my brain telling me one thing and not letting it try to sabotage myself. My biggest goal after having Jenson was to make sure I didn’t regress back into how I used to think. So far I feel like I’ve truly accomplished that and I have to say I’m thankful for the people around me, jumping into becoming a wellness advocate for Doterra and Jenson of course hahaha!! 

If you are curious about what I’ve been doing in my journey of postpartum you can always message me and I would love to share more!! 

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