A Journey of a Thousand Steps

I cannot believe it’s already July!!!! I’m sitting here drinking coffee and watching the Tour de France, it is amazing to me how much life has changed in the past year. The end of the month is when I found out I was pregnant with Jenson and my entire world changed!! It’s crazy to think that after 4 years, 48 months of a whirlwind of fertility we now have this beautiful little baby!

Jenson will be 4 months on the 10th and we just now realized that we do want to have another baby. Just writing that out is scary hahaha. Why do you ask if it’s scary well like I was saying it took us four years to get Jenson so how long is it going to take to get another one??

The reason why this conversation has been brought up so early is because it did take so long for us to get pregnant. I have this worried feeling that if we wait now that we’ve decided we do want to have another one that it might take the same amount of time and then at that point I’m going to be over 40. I told Tanner that if we’re going to do this we’re going to do it differently than how we did last time!! Ha ha Having JB I think will help alot in this journey as we start to work on getting him a sibling because that initial stress of wanting a child is gone. If that makes sense…we have him. Our miracle baby and we are hoping to have a second one but knowing we already have him makes the stress so much less!!!

I do not want to be stressed out I want to enjoy the time that we have with Jenson and enjoy the time we have with each other and not stress about getting pregnant. I know it’s a tall order hahaha!!! But I know we can do it! So I guess you can follow me now on this new path of fertility combined with natural living, and don’t forget this new business I started! Ha ha ha I only have a few things on my plate but hey they are all really awesome things so there is that!!

It is amazing the journey we have been on that has led us to where we are now. I have learned so much about who I am it is just crazy!! So cheers to the next year being an interesting one full of laughter, snuggles and happiness!!!

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  1. Yay! I look forward to seeing you through this next adventure. Good journey and all my love!

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