Teach Them Young…

Something has been weighing on my mind lately. Is it better to show or tell? Honestly? It is better to show and educate over telling someone what to do. Yes this is a general statement but I am talking specifically about children. Children aren’t born into this world knowing how to do everything. They need help and guidance. They need their parents to show them how to live a healthy life without jamming it down their throats. They need their parents to show them how to be kind to others by doing it themselves.

Kids watch everything you do. They see you and want to mimic that. They learn from you. So if you are an asshole..well guess what? They will most likely be one too. It is so important that we show our children kindness and love towards others as well as kindness and love towards ourselves.

It is our job to be the best we can be so we can teach our children to do the same. We want to guide them into the right direction..they do not know…they are young and looking up to us to make the right decisions but if we do make a wrong decision or get in a bad way it is up to us to show them how to learn from those mistakes.


With that said that is my goal. Too often I find myself having a bad mindset and talking crap about myself. First of all…that is a terrible thing to do but also my son will be hearing and then understanding that and then think he may not be good enough either. UMMM well that is a wake up call for me to put more focus on changing my mindset. I want my Jenson to grow up learning how to be kind to others without me TELLING him to be nice. Therefore I need to show kindness and love so he can learn that is just a normal way of life. Make Sense?

It is so easy to say one thing and do another….but in the grand scheme of things does that really help your child? It doesn’t…in fact it confuses them. PLUS it doesn’t help you!  I don’t want my son to ever feel like eating healthy is a chore or working out is a chore. I just want him to WANT to go out and play and be active. I want him to WANT that apple instead of the cookie! The only way I can hope for that to happen is if I show him in a loving way by DOING that. Choosing that apple and not complaining. Taking him for a bike ride, a swim or just outside to run around! It is my duty as his Mom to guide him. I also don’t want him to think that he isn’t good enough or isn’t smart enough. I want to guide him by being the example of a healthy mindset. I want to guide him by being the example of a healthy and happy life. I want to guide him on how to make those right decisions, how to deal with negative people and how to be loving towards others.

Not everyday will be easy but as I keep going and making the better decisions it will become second nature.

This is what I mean by a healthy lifestyle. I want to make good decisions so that I can guide Jenson towards a happier and healthy life both mentally and physically without judgement. The more I can guide him in that the happier I will be in general! I say a win win!! 
Changing your own mindset is hard…it is a daily practice that must happen! I will be working towards that using some tools that I have recently found and with that I will eventually share!!

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